Mary Eggers


Slow Down

When I write, it’s typically to capture a moment in time. Or to slow time down. Life has a way of rolling along fast, and the way we live these days leaves little ability to just stop. Slow down. Soak this all in.

Our son is turning 18 this week. Eighteen. Luc Running

I wonder how we got here and feel excited for what is to come, all in the same breath. We are proud of him, what he has accomplished and for what he is aiming for in his life. Many of you have traveled this parenting path with us for so many years, you know it hasn’t been easy for him. We all have something though, something to overcome, something to push past. The lessons we have learned and the barriers we have forged through, those will pay off as we head towards a new chapter in our lives.

I swore up and down I wouldn’t get caught up in the emotion of what has passed. I have done relatively well with that so far. I am much more of a look towards the future, rather than dwell in the past type of person. That’s helped and hindered me, but it’s who I am.

Our final season of cross country is coming to a close, and while we still have indoor / outdoor track ahead of us, there is a specialness about cross country. There is a closeness with the team, a camaraderie that seems to only exist here.

Come June Luc (and the rest of the Eggers) will be running for Genesee Valley Harriers , which we are all excited about. What we are most excited about is Luc’s love for running and his desire to continue it. He’s got his eyes set on the marathon and if you have ever seen him run, you know that he has distance runner written all over him.

So we’ve got senior year underway.

I have been transitioning into the on season over the past few weeks working with my husband as my coach. Between you and I, I was a bit nervous about how it was going to work. Is coaching something to add to the mix of marriage? So far, I would say hell yeah! I have really enjoyed it thus far and I am excited to see where we go with it. Curt’s talent as a coach is truly remarkable. I have been around for a long time, I have gotten to work with the best of the best coaches. Honestly, I have never had a bad coaching experience, and I have managed to change coaches on the best of terms (I never understand how people, ADULTS, can manage to make that dramatic, goodness I can tell you some stories!). Working with Curt has continued that trend. I learn so much from the coaches I get to work with, and I am learning so much from him!

This season I am super excited to be on the Wyn Republic Triathlon Team. This isn’t something I typically do, I know. I really love WYN and what their message is. As I have gotten to know some of the folks on the team I am amazed at the people on this list. Even though I have been in this sport for over 20 years, I still get to meet amazing human beings and I get to be part of some really great things. Triathlon has brought that into my life and I can’t believe I tried to walk away from it.

WYN Republic 1

How amazing is this team kit also? Don’t worry, there will be a version of it available to you as well!

WYn Republic 2

Training is going well. It’s really different this season without the Ironman focus, and that’s the good part. I have been putting a lot of strength work in and I am beginning to see those results. I turn 45 this year, and while there are some small changes to how I feel I am responding to age, I feel just as young as ever.

The changes? I need to pay much more attention to recovery and strength, and as the season evolves I am sure I will have more to add to the list. This season brings some new and different challenges, and I can’t wait. While it’s easy to wish May was here, I am enjoying every second between now and then. The weather, senior year and the many miles I will put together in the darkness of the garage.


Catching up!

Oh my GOSH, where have I been? I don’t even know!

After Ironman I jumped into several short course races. I attained my post Ironman goal of qualifying for 2019 USAT Age Group Nationals, and smoked myself in the process. My performances were way less than stellar, and I didn’t give one f*ck. I was so HAPPY to be out there racing. Short course has always been my first love, but the darn Ironman keeps pulling me away. For me there is such an art to short course, and fire. I miss that. So short course, I am coming home in 2019!

I jumped into a cyclocross class and learned some valuable bike skills. It was a whole new world for me, and I was terrible at it (I had a lot of fun). To be proficient at cyclocross you have to really dedicate yourself (as with any sport). So it’s on my list…. for one of these days!

I keep coming back to the fact that triathlon truly is my first love. My main love. My pie in the sky. That whole retirement a few years ago was good and necessary. It taught me that I love it in the space of triathlon and here is where I want to be. My family is here, my friends are here, my love is here.

So as much as I fought it, I stay!

My 2019 season is shaping up. I have just begun structured training, and it feels good to be back in the groove again. The switch to short course is requiring me to make a lot of physical and mental shifts. In some ways Ironman is easy. I know the flow of the training and the structure so well, it’s an easy fallback for me.

But short course? It’s an old friend I haven’t seen in a while, named OUCH.

A few months ago I began working with Josh Rossi of Lift to Run. I am not a strong runner. I have had some good running performances in the past, but I have always felt something was missing. I felt I was too fit to be running so poorly and honestly nothing made sense. I went to Josh because I knew he would challenge me in the ways I needed to be challenged. I knew he is THE MAN for running. He doesn’t stick you into a pre calculated box of what running form should look like. In fact he didn’t watch me run for several weeks, and when he did it was on a track doing 100 yard repeats (oh dear GOD). He looks at how you move, and helps you improve it. I have been doing strength work that I have never done. I am being challenged cognitively, biomechanically, and neurologically (or I just like to use neologisms, who knows).

It’s a few months later and I am starting to see the results of that work in my runing, which has given me great hope. I will share more of that journey as it unfolds, I am a bit too superstitious right now to believe it’s real just yet!

Bottom line: if you are a runner, go to Josh.

As I am nearing my mid forties and I have been at this sport a long long LOOOOONG time, I have to embrace change and challenge openly. To achieve things I never have I have to do things I have never done. My biggest mental shift is believing I don’t have to train 20 hours a week anymore. I might sneak up to that volume during peak weeks, but then again I might not. This isn’t Ironman. Truthfully it’s taken me YEARS to understand that, and I am still working on it.

Funny though….. in the coaches role it’s what I preach, coach, and I see it work! We can be our own worst enemies.

So as we look forward to 2019 I have exciting things on the horizon. In fact next Monday I have some news to share that I am so freaking over the moon about I can’t even BELIEVE IT!

How about you? How are you? What’s on tap for YOU in 2019? I am interested in hearing from you either in the comments, or shoot me a FB message or email. maryeggers at gmail dot com. I thrive on this community and what our respective goals and challenges are. So please feel free to share!