Mary Eggers


Rolling along

Life has been rolling along smoothly and ….. in a very busy way these days! Honestly, I would not want it any other way. I have a fear of stagnation and I have a fear of being bored, which is never a worry around these parts. Between being parents of a cross country runner about to turn 16, our coaching business, and life…. there are always a lot of irons in the fire!

Here’s the breakdown:

My training

Some people advise against spouses coaching one another, but for me it works great. As Curt has grown into his new career as triathlon coach, I have watched a lifetime of experience, knowledge and passion come to fruition with our athletes. When I took my spot on his roster I did it with great respect to a man who makes my world go round.

I have no issues with deferring to him, listening to him, and being guided by him. I am about to enter week 6 of his program and I love it. We are rolling along smoothly. He keeps me in line and I know I need that!

I have spent some time with the Geneva Bicycle Center, building a new bike, kind of putting together the ride I dream of and that means something to me. From shifting (I sold out, went electronic) to wheels, to everything I am super psyched about how it’s coming along. I have been a longtime customer of GBC, and I will always be. They do great work.

I am psyched for the race calendar we are developing. 2017 has a mix of snowshoe and XC ski races, triathlons, SUP races and even bike races. I got an invite to race on Love and Sprockets new women’s team with some women I dearly love. I have always wanted to jump into road racing, and now I will!

Things are looking so awesome for 2017 in terms of my fitness, and the fun I am planning. Now I just need some SNOW!



I have made significant changes with the results I received from Inside Tracker. I can’t wait to share and especially learn what my next blood test (scheduled for January) reveals. Progress in this arena takes a lot of time and a lot of patience. Thus far in the experience of “Is this really worth it?” I can vote YES. Much more to come on why.

You can read about my experiences with InsideTracker here:

Healthy Skoop

I am in the unique position where I don’t feel it’s necessary to seek partnerships or sponsorships because I feel I have to belong to something, or for discounts. If I want something I will buy something. So when I put my name behind a product I can do so with 100% conviction. I came across Healthy Skoop as a result of my work with InsideTracker and the nutritional needs I have…. which aren’t unique, a little inflammation, a little low iron and a little low Vitamin D. These are pretty common for athletes.


Healthy Skoop is a  nutritional supplement company that develops plant-based supplements. From meal replacement, protein shakes,  to add-ins (like greens and beets) they really hit the mark on utilizing ingredients that are locally grown (for them) and manufactured in a way that gives you just what they say they give you. As an athlete, I drink a fair amount of juices and plant based fruit / vegetable shakes, and adding in Healthy Skoop allowed me to get more bang for my buck.

I love what they stand for, how their product is manufactured and their philosophy of giving back to the world. Check them out here.

#IMLP Project

Back in July at Ironman Lake Placid, I watched a woman completely…. and trust me when I say completely disrespect and taunt a group of women who were racing for a cause. I wasn’t involved, I was a bystander. I didn’t even know anyone who was involved. I just watched it. I couldn’t have even stepped in, it was going on all day, but it saddened me that there was this kind of douchebaggery in our sport. The sport I have grown up in and loved my whole life. I have spent 20+ years in this sport and watching narcissism and cruelty enter into it …. it actually inspires me. It drives me to find ways to put the good back into what we are all here for.

Because of that, a few of us decided to form a group and offer a free training program for Ironman Lake Placid 2017. It was my way of giving back to a sport that has given me so much. Our group quickly grew and we had to cap it. Several coaches and athlete advisors jumped in. The group has grown into a family, and I can’t be more honored and proud to work with them. It’s an experiment, it’s new, and it’s really beautiful.

Here is our shirt!


Equally as beautiful is what is coming out of this group. Several members decided they would give back what was being given to them, allowing all of this to come full circle. Many of us will be racing this season to raise money for Footsteps of WNY.

I have been afforded a platform in this life and with that comes the ability to use my voice. My father always taught me to use that voice wisely. I can walk by Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo and see that the $100,000 we raised for Teens Living With Cancer (we used it to open a Buffalo chapter) is there and helping teens and young adults battling cancer. It’s time to do something more again.

Footsteps of WNY is a nonprofit based in the Buffalo area, run by my friend Marty, who is a para triathlete with Cerebral Palsy. If you are local you have likely seen him at races, he’s beyond amazing. Footsteps of WNY raises money to defray the medical costs that having CP burden families with. In a lifetime did you know it costs almost 1 million dollars for treatments, medications, and medical equipment?

The #IMLPproject will be doing our part to make a difference. Stay tuned for how!

So big thanks to the douchebags of this world….. you actually inspire me to put good back into this world! Douchebag on!

Swim Camp

Our first of 3 swim camps will be happening on Sunday, November 20th from 8-12 at Nazareth College here in Rochester. The cost is $150 which gets you four hours of swim sessions including open water simulation, and classroom work (and prizes) we will provide you with an underwater video analysis of your stroke with guidelines on what to do to develop the best stroke for you. We have totally revamped and redesigned our program, and it’s better than ever!

Register by clicking here. We will have two other dates in Jan and / or Feb!

swim camp

Everything is ticking along. As you know if we are connected on social media, we are enamored with our son’s cross country team and what they have brought to our lives. More on that, but follow us along on social because it’s truly a beautiful story.

I began my third year in academia (with a little pediatric emergency on the side) and I still feel like I am in my dream job. Working with our nursing students brings a component to my life that I never realized I needed until it happened. I graduate with my Masters this coming May and I can’t wait to expand my career in this field and see what adventure awaits! I can’t wait to be done with school for a bit and put my focus back into sport!

One thing is for sure, there is never a lack of action around here. It’s busy but it’s a fun busy. It’s a great problem to have. Now that I am proficient in the word NO, knowing my limits and no longer allowing meaningless things and people to suck my energy (thanks Heidi for calling me out on that)…… I have found the good stuff.




The patient road back

One of my favorite quotes from Gordo goes something like this: Fitness is like a styrofoam cup, it takes a long time to turn it inside out. Do it too fast, and it will rip. You are the styrofoam cup.

There are may times in my career I have ripped that cup, sometimes it was physically and other times it was emotional. It’s ultimately what led me to a 15-month retirement from this sport to begin with. I was just plain…. ripped. I think that’s common for many athletes. Don’t be ashamed of it, don’t regret it. The lessons in there are just too valuable to feel anything but grateful for. I promise…. triple promise you that if you do step back….. if it’s meant to come back it will come back. And by stepping back I mean letting fitness GO. Like GO. I wasn’t riding my bike 20 hours a week, I was riding 3 times a week for 30 minutes. I was hiking, I was skiing. I was SUP’ing. When I am telling you that I am rebuilding…. I mean I am rebuilding an entirely new base of fitness.

It’s awesome.

After 20 years of pounding down hours, the rebuilding is humbling and so amazing all at once. I started running regularly in May and four months in I am continuing to just chip away at building mileage. You forget what it’s like to be sore after a 60-minute run, or a lifting session, but this time around I am savoring it. I never want to forget that again.

I am working with my husband Curt, as my coach this season. Honestly, I have been begging him to coach me for YEARS. As he’s grown into his coaching career and seen the results of his work, he’s finally agreed. For him it was confidence. I have nothing BUT confidence in him.

People question whether you should or should not work with your spouse as your coach. My answer to that: it depends and I think it is important to understand whether it is good for your relationship, or it isn’t. That understanding is more important than whether you should.

We’ve been married for 16 years and if you know us, you know that we truly respect one another. I have no problem handing him the reigns. I have seen first hand what he’s done with his own career and the athletes he guides, so it’s very easy for me. I don’t question anything. In fact, he’s been amazing at pulling me back. Daily he reminds me that we are still in the rebuilding phase. Get the flow back. Get the feeling back. Sleep is more important than training. I am aiming to be trained not tired (thanks for that phrase Ericka!), and to have fun. Mountain biking over the trainer when possible, and technique in the pool.

I have even given Curt control of my swim. In the history of my triathlon career, I don’t think I have ever given a coach my swim (except Masters). In the pool is where I have made some strange gains. I am purley focused on technique right now and swimming some intervals I haven’t seen in YEARS, without working. But that’s where I really should be in the pool, with my background. Historically my swimming decays when I work too hard for it yet comes around when I feel for it.

I think because of just how we are with one another, the coaching relationship works. I have no problems deferring to him. I do what he says. To me, he’s a proven athlete, coach, and most importantly human being. I don’t think I respect anyone on the planet more than him.

So thus far, it’s been incredible. I am lucky in more ways than one.

My work with InsideTracker continues, and next week I will run through the next piece of discovery from my blood work. Working with them has been a literal game changer. When you truly start to understand what is happening in your body and you do the work to repair it….. everything else falls into place. But more on that later on. I am aiming to retest in January, and I have to admit I wish I could test weekly because I feel really REALLY good and I want to see what my bloodwork has revealed. As I have mentioned I was not in bad health, as many athletes are I was in this purgatory of unwellness that many athletes find themselves in, that our medical doctors aren’t always in tune with. They are educated to treat the ill, not the unwell. This work has inspired me to go on after my Masters concludes next summer for my Post Masters FNP, because I really want to expand my ability to help athletes in this category. More on that later!

Yesterday I got to run here and stopped on a bridge for a moment to soak in this view. Moments like this give me pause, and fill me from head to toe with gratitude for what I get to do in this life. I realize the privilege (not the right) so deeply that it makes me ache.


The road back…. the true road back… it takes time. It takes a giant amount of patience. But like anything if you truly love the journey you are on if you truly want to achieve what you state your goals are, if you have an answer to “how bad do you want it”…… it will come. In time. You can’t rush the process, you have to respect the process. My self-esteem and self-worth have never been attached to podiums or times. Being around so many people for whom that is the case, I again realize my fortune.

Part of me can’t wait for 2017, but Coach reminds me that it’s already in progress. One step at a time, appreciating the journey so much more, will allow my dreams to become reality. I trust in that, always.