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I am so proud of my athletes. They inspire me. They fill me up. We work together, I don’t dictate. We get close. Their goals are my goals. I care about them as people first, as athletes second. A year ago I put myself back into a position to coach athletes as I needed to coach them. It’s paid off in dividends. At Ironman Mont Tremblant Dan Pierce earned himself a 9:51, fastest amateur...

Wilson Wet and Wild race report


Do you know the story of Bree Wee? In a nutshell…. she lives in Kona. She went there to pursue her teaching career. She got married, had a baby. When we was 9 or so months old she was the first amateur across the line in Kona (I think it was 2007). She turned pro. Got divorced. Stumbled a whole hell of a lot. Scraped by financially. Gained sponsors, lost sponsors. And coaches. She never...

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