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Welcome to the new website! Thank you so much to Pedro Gomes for creating this for me. He’s amazing! If you see him at Rev3 Quassy this weekend, give him a big hug! If you are a subscriber to the old site, just click the orange button in the upper right hand side … see it over there? You will be subscribed to this one as well. As always…. thanks so much for stopping by and...



On Sunday I rode with Les, from Tryon bikes. He turned out to be a terrific riding partner, one of the best in fact. A former mountain biker turned roadie… just a few months out of surgery, building his mileage. When people ask me what pace I am riding, I never know. I stick to my HR zones as they need to be that day. Sunday it was a simple zone 1 long ride. It was beautiful out. Sun, some...

Weekend recap


On Sunday night I fell into bed with the feeling of… I can’t believe I get to do what I do. I am guilty of packing a lot into my days…. likely too much. But that’s a life worth living in my opinion. I get to do everything I love to do. Saturday morning, Midtown Triathlon I am not one to jump to be a race director, but for our club I got to be part of a great race directing team. Directing a race...

Mary Eggers

Mary Eggers. Mom and wife. 20 Years Racing Triathlon, 9 time Ironman finisher, 3 time Kona qualifier. Co-founder of Valor Triathlon Project. USAT Triathlon Coach and guiding RN students in academia. Cancer crusader. Rocking the mic at Score This! events! Currently based out of Rochester, NY.

Mary currently coaches athletes of all levels, abilities and experience from beginner to professional. Please see the "coaching" page or email for more information!

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