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Yoga, powermeters, racing….. camp! Oh my!

I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas. But I am not sure which day Christmas is on… because every day feels so jam packed with really good stuff. Really good stuff.

Here are a few things I have going on and coming up:

Contribution to Ironman article!

Yoga for Athletes at Towpath Bike Shop:

  • We began last Wednesday but there is still time, and two more spaces in our session. For $10 I will walk you through my Yoga For Athletes sequence, and teach you many of the tips and tricks that I have been able to develop through the years in my own practice and working with sports teams like the Rochester Rhinos. Call 381- 2808 for details.

My BOOK! Yoga for Athletes!

  • Yeah! I am publishing a BOOK! I originally set the release date for June 1st but pushed it back so I could tweak a few details. I am planning on an Aug or Sept release date.

The new iBike Powermeter!

  • Big thanks to Les Eisenberg of Tryon Bikes for hooking me up with a demo unit of the new iBike Powermeter. This is a powermeter that will retail for $500. I am testing it out and comparing it with my Quarq. Monday or Tuesday I will detail the details and give you the nitty gritty lowdown on how this thing works. It’s got some really interesting features that some pricier units don’t have, and it’s got its drawbacks as well. ibike

Syracuse 70.3!

  • I will be in Syracuse this weekend coaching my two QT2 Systems Athletes Jennie Hansen and Katie Myzska,   !
  • I will also be supporting our big QT2 Systems Team…. watch for a big presence in baby blue!!!!! I will be available to answer any race questions, questions about our coaching programs, or if you’d like to say hi! Look for me in the PINK QT2 shirt, Quintanna Roo hat and Fuel Belt backpack! (love to plug our sponsors!)

QT2 Lake Placid Camp

  • I am really excited to be heading to Lake Placid next week to coach our 30+ age groupers in our second annual camp!

This is the part of the summer where things get really exciting. While I won’t spend a Saturday night in my own bed until Mid September (due to travel) I am blessed beyond belief that I get to be so involved with this sport. I wear the hats of athlete, coach, writer, race announcer, etc. It’s not as busy as it looks….. I do everything in pieces. The best part is: everything I get to do is what I love to do.


Quakerman Triathlon Race Report

This weekend I competed in the Quakerman Triathlon. It’s a small race in my hometown, actually on the lake I grew up life guarding at! I love coming home to race. Something about racing on the streets you rode your bike as a kid feels so special.

Around here in Upstate New York summer has been rainy at best. Due to the amount of rain we’ve had the bacteria levels in the lake were extraordinarily higher than ever. Race director Dan Horan described it like this: at this time last year the level was 81. It has to below 250. On Saturday the levels were above 4,000.

Therefore the swim portion was cancelled and the Quakerman was now a duathlon. There are few things in this world I like LESS than a run bike run, but it was the right call. Race directors have a thankless job, every decision they make is with the athlete’s safety in mind. Dan had no other option but to cancel the swim. Of course it was the right thing to do!

While I would rather drink tar than do a duathlon …. I had a sizable section of skin cancer removed on Friday and have stitches on my left inner thigh. (Get your skin checks people). Before my doctor began the procedure I asked him if I could swim with stitches (they are in for TWO WEEKS). He assured me that because I am a nurse swimming was fine. However I am sure he never thought I’d be potentially swimming in a lake with astronomical bacteria levels! As athletes we rely on race directors to watch that kind of stuff. I am very grateful to Dan and his team for that call… I certainly don’t need a PICC line and IV Antibiotics for 6 weeks!

So for once in my life I was really grateful the swim was cancelled. My last duathlon was in 2004. The streak would be broken.

It’s always nice to wake up race morning 3 miles from the race site. I arrived with plenty of time to catch up with summer pals, rack my bike and get in a good warm up. For me the shorter the race the longer the warm up needs to be.

As I was talking to two of my friends the skies opened up and it began to RAIN! I held out my arms and smiled. “God loves me!” I shouted.

Anyone who knows anything about me and my history…. knows that I LOVE to race in the rain. I don’t know why, but rain is my FAVORITE race condition! The harder the better, may I have a little wind here? BONUS!

The race began in waves on time and suddenly we were off…. running. My aim during this race was to keep my heart rate 165-170 for the entire 1 hour and change. I immediately fell about 10 girls back on that first run. My run is a continuous work in progress. It’s the last and will be the final discipline to respond as I make this comeback. It’s the piece I have to work the hardest on and always will. My durability on the run is excellent. I am running over two hours in zone 1 with no issues. I am injury free and healthy.

I started speed work on the run earlier this week. Which yes… is late but there were certain parameters I had to meet before I began. My training this season has been dictated by a doctor more so than what is necessary. So in addition to not being a strong runner, it’s slow to come around and I just began any form of intensity work this week. Today would be day two!

As I was running I targeted HR rather than pace. HR motivates me most (it’s the way be do most of our pacing at QT2.) and is something I can hold onto. I consulted with Wheeler about targets and he advised top of zone 2 bottom of zone 3 (remember zone 2 for us here at QT2 is most people’s zone 3). So I found 165 and held it there, bringing it up as I could.

I felt…. GREAT. It felt good to feel good running. At the turnaround I could see I was about 1 minute back from the leaders which is something I can make up on the bike. So I was happy with my position.

Onto the bike more rain greeted us which only helped me. I know how to handle my bike in the rain and I know how to ride slippery roads. The course was great. I was able to gain the lead and did nothing but pass people. My cycling felt great, HR was 165 and I kept my watts over 230. This was a short ride so the name of the game was take it there and hold it there. At one point I followed a guy left instead of right, which we were able to correct in about 30 seconds. I feel that our IQ drops when we go hard. I knew the course and still turned the wrong way! I got back on track soon enough, only lost about a minute.

Back onto to the run I felt horrendous during the first mile. Absolutely horrendous. I have been in this sport long enough to know that it may take a bit for the legs to come around. So I hit my HR target and held it. The eventual first place girl came by me about halfway through the run…. but I held on for second. Most importantly I kept my run HR higher than my bike HR.

I am thrilled with my race. My journey back has taken a lot longer than 6 months, it’s taken longer than 8 months and it will continue. The key to anything is the answers to these questions:

What are you aiming to achieve?

How much patience and commitment do you have?

When I got home from Mont Tremblant this week I wrote out my long term goals, my plan for age 40-44. I haven’t been able to do that for two seasons and I have felt lost. I need direction, I need something to aim for beyond one season. Season goals are easy. This season it’s Ironman Mont Tremblant. For the first time I can see down the road and I am confident that my best is still ahead of me.

This weekend I feel like I got a brand new start. Fresh eyes on a sport that I have loved for so long. I am so grateful for that. And I didn’t rip open my stitches or gain an infection! HIP HIP!

I have changed around my race schedule to get in some longer training over the next 8 weeks in preparation for Ironman Mont Tremblant. Because I coach and announce I have to be really really creative in how I train and especially in reaping the benefits of recovery.

Rather than do the Musselman 1/2 Ironman I switched to the Mini. This allows me to ride around Seneca Lake after the race and run long during the half the following day. I will be riding to Buffalo for a Tri in the Buff….. that’s how I have to be creative. I am so lucky that I get to be involved in this sport on so many different levels I would trade none of it for a race!!!!!!

On the horizon this weekend is coaching at Syracuse 70.3 and then next weekend coaching at our QT2 Systems camp in Lake Placid. It’s almost Ironman time!

I am really really blessed to be supported by some amazing companies who understand that I am on the long road back. I am really proud to represent them and what they value and promote.


Thank you  Quintana Roo for my beautiful CD01, and for believing in a girl and a dream.

Thank you PowerBar for keeping me well fueled.

Thank you Rudy Project for my awesome training and racing helmets and for my awesome sunglasses!

Thank you NUUN for keeping me hydrated!

Thank you Fuel Belt for helping me carry my nutrition, stay safe with your reflective gear and for everything you embody!

Thank you to QT2 Systems for being amazing. I am so honored to represent as an athlete and coach!

Thanks to my husband Curt for his guidance…… he raced the mountain bike in lake Placid (Wilmington) this weekend (Hated it!) . And a BIG thanks to Steve Lopes my strength guru…. for helping me get strong in all the right places!!!!!