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Pete Glavin Upstate Cross Country Series Race #2


Saturday evening was my first official X Country Race. It’ race #2 in the Pete Glavin Upstate New York  Cross Country Series and it’s held at the end of the McQuaid invitational at Genesee Valley Park. Pete Glavin is a Rochester running legend who passed away of brain cancer a few years ago. His legacy is amazing, and it’s strong. It shows in every event. It shows in the hearts...



The dreaded off-season. An athlete’s worst enemy. Biggest nightmare. As a coach my biggest fight. It’s natural, trust me. You are not alone. You’ve worked hard this season, you’ve done your last big race. You don’t want to lose the fitness you have built. You don’t want to let go of that strength and speed and you don’t…. admit it…. want to...



It’s a good thing Ironman is over and running season has begun, I don’t know how I fit that all in with everything we’ve got going on!!!! Here is a quick update of things we’ve got going on over here! Saturday 9/28: I am excited to be your race announcer for Score-This’ Xterra Triathlon this weekend, in Allegheny State Park! Click here to register, this is one you...



You know the old saying…. “To have something you’ve never had, you’ve got to do something you’ve never done.” My first week into this running block and I can feel things changing. Overall it’s much less training than I have been slogging through on average for the past 10 years. Sitting at around 11-12 hours of 40 miles per week, three bikes for recovery...

Mary Eggers

Mary Eggers. Mom and wife. 20 Years Racing Triathlon, 9 time Ironman finisher, 3 time Kona qualifier. Co-founder of Valor Triathlon Project. USAT Triathlon Coach and guiding RN students in academia. Cancer crusader. Rocking the mic at Score This! events! Currently based out of Rochester, NY.

Mary currently coaches athletes of all levels, abilities and experience from beginner to professional. Please see the "coaching" page or email for more information!

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