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It’s a good thing Ironman is over and running season has begun, I don’t know how I fit that all in with everything we’ve got going on!!!! Here is a quick update of things we’ve got going on over here!

  • Saturday 9/28: I am excited to be your race announcer for Score-This’ Xterra Triathlon this weekend, in Allegheny State Park! Click here to register, this is one you DON’T want to miss!
  • I am driving back to then race in my first X Country race with GVH!!! YEAH!
  • Sunday morning I am your race announcer for the inaugural Heather Boyum 5K. There are fewer than 70 spots left for this race, sign up now by clicking here.
  • Speaking of 5K’s…. the inaugural Teens Living With Cancer 5K is on Sunday October 13th…. and I will be your race announcer for that as well! Click here to register and help keep our amazing teens going!

I will soon have the final dates for swim camp! As of now it looks like we will be able to hold monthly sessions from December through Feb / March. Aiming for select Sunday mornings from 8-1 the tentative agenda looks like this (held at Nazareth College here in Rochester)

  • 8-9:30am in the pool. Stroke analysis, drill work.
  • 10:00- 11:30 video analysis, dry land work, lecture
  • 11:45-1:00 in the pool for a team practice, stroke work and fun!

You will receive as part of this camp:

  • Video analysis of your stroke
  • 1-1 work on the spot during camp
  • Follow up for drills and strength work with example sets and progression
  • Schwag of course!

Due to space we will only be accepting 12 swimmers per session. Once we have everything finalized (dates, pool rental, lifeguards,  insurance, online registration) we will finalize the agenda, open registration online and make a go! Big thanks to Marite over at Nazareth for being so generous with the pool!

I am also offering 1-1 swim sessions at Nazareth during their open swim times. Check out my coaching page for that…. and get in touch with me at mary eggers at gmail dot com to schedule a session. SESSIONS BEGIN in October.

So…. STAY tuned, once we get things finalized with swim camp….. you will be the first to know!



You know the old saying…. “To have something you’ve never had, you’ve got to do something you’ve never done.”

My first week into this running block and I can feel things changing. Overall it’s much less training than I have been slogging through on average for the past 10 years. Sitting at around 11-12 hours of 40 miles per week, three bikes for recovery, two swims for recovery and very purposeful weight training….. I feel like a new athlete already.

Paces have not changed yet. Anyone who knows anything about physiology knows that adaptation to stress doesn’t happen overnight, or in two days, or even in a week. The athletes who expect that instant improvements are never the ones who succeed. I forget where I read this recently but it holds true… “Fatigue erodes at self confidence more than anything.”

Ain’t that the truth.

After ten miles this morning I will have my first 40 mile running week under my belt. 40 isn’t elite runner status, but for me it’s a good start. Take out so much cycling and swimming and it honestly feels like a vacation. But this vacation running is no longer an afterthought. Which has made all the difference.

My head has cleared from the Ironman fog to reveal….. I was in an Ironman fog for years. I don’t regret it. Not one second. Ironman taught me a lot about me and a lot about … a lot of things. When you come toe to toe with yourself in the throws of 100 mile rides in 800 degrees alone….. you learn to like the company you are keeping.

Maybe this feeling is because I have finally released myself from that. Maybe this feeling is because I truly believe in my heart great performances are ahead of me and I don’t have to go broke or go insane to achieve them. Everything I have ever needed to get there….. has been here all along.

The only one I have ever really needed to help me get there….. has been here the whole time. She’s the woman in my mirror. The one who knows me best. The one who believes bigger and deeper than anyone else in this entire world.

Who has somehow embraced the “fuck it” attitude when it comes to the perception of others. Who knows that she’s been through more than anyone can ever imagine she has and is emerging with strength and resilience that even she didn’t know she had. Who knows that the best system and protocol is the one that fits her and her life. Who refuses to stuff herself into a box and completely refuses to lose herself.

It’s the easiest thing on earth to doubt. We do it every day. Someone has a great performance and we immediately get negative…. oh Daddy funds their life…. oh they’re using…. that comes from something deep inside that we don’t like about ourselves. It has nothing to do with them but everything to do with us. If daddy funds their life or they “use” … that’s their shit…. not yours. Don’t pollute yourself with stuff that doesn’t belong to you.

But I know what it’s like to be doubted. More people have doubted me than believed in me. I grew up in Buffalo. That becomes my strength.

That strength has been there all along. Doubt me, write me off, dismiss me. Because when I achieve what I have set out to achieve….. I won’t be turning around. Trust me…. getting all up in others stuff doesn’t do anything but undermine YOU. So let it go.

Maybe this all comes with knocking on the door of 40 and being at that stage in your life where you embrace the fuck it and the YOLO. Maybe it comes from knowing that deep down within you is something that needs to find its way out. Maybe it’s that the fog has cleared and things are more crystal clear than ever.

Maybe it’s because I have come into complete trust with myself.

I love this feeling of doing it differently. Of taking the chance. Of allowing the bike miles and swim yards drop knowing that after this block is over they will come back (with hard work). I love the feeling of stepping off the beaten path and literally running through the woods and jumping over roots.

I love this feeling of something totally new and completely different. In changing the flow, the structure, the philosophy. I have always had trouble matching myself to the ideas others have had and where they think I should be and should go and what I should do. I have always had a strong sense of self and self direction.

This is my path and my dream. And it feels more exciting than ever.

Who knows what it is. Who cares. It’s one hell of an amazing place to be right now.