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Recipes and Whole30 December

Before we begin!

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Whole30 has not only taught me about new foods (new to me)…. but it’s given me the motivation to teach myself how to cook. When I say I didn’t know how to cook, I meant it. My husband is a GREAT cooker, and I always just kind of ate the ready to go stuff. Pre made salads even.

I grew up Bulimic. My relationship with food has not always been good. Bulimics don’t binge on Brussels sprouts.

Over the past 2 months I have learned how to cook. I taught myself. I went to you tube to learn how to tenderize meat, cut avocados. I Googled what broil meant. What a julienne slicer was. When I say I didn’t know how to cook, I wasn’t kidding.

I also learned to embrace the fat. Previous to this I cooked with cooking spray, the little I did cook. Never…. EVER again. I now use ghee, extra virgin olive oil and coconut oil. I even use coconut oil as a facial moisturizer too (you might notice how suddenly younger I look).

Here are a few recipes that I either read off someone’s blog (apologies if I forgot where and neglected to credit you) or just plain made up! I have never made up a recipe before but I learned that if you have veggies, some meat and something to cook it in you can… create! These were from what I posted yesterday:

The best breakfast ever. I think I stole this from Sonja:



  1.  Sweet potato
  2. 1/2 avocado
  3.  3 egg whites + 1 egg
  4. 1 kiwi

How to make: realize that you really can make this any way or amount you want to!

  1.  I peel the sweet potato, melt some ghee and paint it on the potato. Then I pop it in the microwave (I am not a big microwave fan but I was time limited).
  2.  While that is cooking I slice the kiwi and the avocado.
  3. Scramble the eggs.
  4. Assemble.

I am also new to spices. I spiced it up with some oregano, garlic and pepper.


Ground turkey with Brussels sprouts



  1. Ground turkey
  2. Brussels sprouts
  3. Onions
  4. Kale
  5. Cauliflower

How to make: Again, you can see that you can be creative with your combo!

  1. Make mashed cauliflower: here is a good recipe. There are several great mashed and riced cauliflower recipes. Google them!
  2. Saute all of the vegetables in ghee, coconut oil, or EVOO.
  3. Brown the ground turkey. Spice it up!
  4. Combine.

See, this is so ridiculously easy that anyone can do it!


Roasted butternut squash and stuff!




  1.  Butternut squash
  2. Mashed Cauliflower
  3. Tomatoes and any other veggie you’d like.
  4. Hard boiled eggs. I prefer to bake them.

How to make:

  1. Toss the veggies in EVOO and add some spices.
  2. Cook for 30 min at 400 degrees. At the same time you can bake the eggs. How many? How many do you want?
  3.  Assemble on a bed of mashed cauliflower. I took the picture before I sliced and added the eggs on top.

Dare I say that I am having a lot of fun with food these days? I do dare to say it. I still can’t get over how wonderful I feel. The number on the scale appears to be getting smaller but I haven’t been on it in 2 weeks. That’s a side bonus anyway. I feel so good.

I didn’t know how to cook. I ate veggies but the same four. I didn’t know what broil meant. I didn’t know how to cut an avocado. I didn’t even know a yam and a sweet potato were generally interchangeable and that what you call it really depends on where you grew up!

Some say I was deprived…. I say I just wasn’t open. And I feel like new doors have been opened for me.

I am inspired by those of you who have jumped on board this bandwagon with me. It’s been so much fun sharing recipes, learning from you, connecting with people I wouldn’t have connected with. It’s so much fun.

I completed the Whole30 and began another one with the ultimate goal of Whole90. Then I thought…… I wonder if anyone would do a Whole30 beginning on December 1st with me? I don’t trust myself through the holidays and normally I come out of them feeling over-sugared and a mess. What if we, together treated December like the gift of health?

If you are interested, join us here on the Eating Cleaner page.


Pete Glavin X Country Champs Race Report!

On Sunday I got to run in the Pete Glavin Cross Country series Championship in Mendon Ponds Park. I haven’t been able to race the entire series with GVH, but the few races I have been able to I have loved. I love this team for so many reasons.

I halted the third section of my running block as I am about to begin with Coach Ryan on Dec 1st. My run the past two weeks has been much lighter just to make sure I am coming into his guidance rested and ready to go. I know as a coach how difficult it is when someone comes to you not rested and you have to clean things up. I want a fresh clean slate.

Still… I knew I had a little more run fitness in me from the two blocks I did do, and I rested plenty so I knew in some way shape or form I should see some sort of gain on race day.

I tried something a bit different this time pre race. I spent an hour on the trainer, just riding an hour aerobically. I need that extra warm up before these shorter distance races.

Then I made the most glorious breakfast on earth. It was definitely as amazing as it looked. Filled me up a few hours pre race too. The race was at 11.


Mendon Ponds Park is right around the corner from me, so it was an easy drive. It had snowed and I knew the trails would be snow covered. I don’t have spikes or trail shoes, so I grabbed my Yacktrax and hoped they would be OK for a Cross country race in the snow. Turns out, they were!

I headed out for a warm up run with some of the ladies and then we were off for our 6K race. Before we began I of course needed to know: How many miles is 6K? My teammates accept me for who I am. The supermodel.

It was downright gorgeous. People don’t know what they are missing in those warmer climates. We up here in Rochester…. we know beauty!

Mendon 6K

The race began and I made sure to keep my running bud Colleen in my sights. This is my place at track and X country. I focus on the bottoms of her shoes or her ponytail. If I am near Colleen I know I am in a good place. Ahead of her was my running hero Carolyn. Colleen and Carolyn have inspired me on so many levels and having them in my sights was a blessing. I adore these two women.

A few minutes later I found myself on Colleen’s heels. I could hear her wheezing. I knew something wasn’t right. I knew I needed to make a pass but my heart ached. I didn’t want to pass her. In fact I hung on her heels for a little while more. I am an athlete but I am a teammate first and I was worried about her. She has asthma (and is the mom of two VERY active little youngins) and I didn’t feel right about the pass.

I pulled up next to her and I forget what I said. I was running hard. She said “GO.” very instructively. I took that as permission to go, so I went. That put me right behind Carolyn. I could tell she wasn’t herself either today, and I again found myself in the position of not wanting to pass her.

We began to run up the hill and I saw coach. This time I was not smiling. I was trying to push the edge a bit and be as tough as I could be out there. I finally reluctantly made the pass. Again my heart hurt. I knew she was off but I knew she’d slap me if she knew about my internal debate. Make Carolyn and coach proud. So I went.

I glanced down at my heart rate (and hoped I didn’t fall while doing that!) to see where I was. It read 168. I know I can push past 170. Sometimes I will use HR as a motivator, like move it. Move it and keep the cadence high. 1-2-3-4, 1-2-3-4 went through my head as I pushed a little harder on the gas pedal.

It was tricky out there because time was irrelevant on the course. Mile splits meant nothing. It was cross country and covered with several inches of snow. It became about being stronger than I thought I could be. Making some moves, being tough. Staying in the game. All things I have been working on through this running block of mine.

I didn’t feel amazing, but that was the point. When I felt like I would begin to ease up I would literally lean forward and remind myself BE TOUGH EGGERS BE TOUGH!

I felt a small boost in my running fitness out there. My running boosts don’t happen overnight. They come in the form of seconds and even milliseconds. I have to work extremely hard for every second I gain on the run. But I am not afraid of work and I am not afraid of it being hard. Gone are the days where I have to coddle myself a bit because I am rebuilding. I am rebuilt. It’s time to own it now.

I came upon the finish line and went for it. I tasted blood in the back of my throat. I felt that the effort was valid. (I act like I won the race here! Trust me far from it. I don’t even know what place I came in). I nailed what I needed to nail and the gains while small, will add up and shine through on the day I want them to.

After the race I refueled with pumpkin. Then I came home and made this: Ground turkey, kale Brussels sprouts on a bed of riced cauliflower.


Then for dinner made this: butternut squash, onions, tomatoes, Brussels sprouts all roasted, avocado all on a bed of mashed cauliflower.


This Whole30 turned into two suddenly Whole90 has changed my life. I mean that. I feel incredible. I can’t imagine I will ever go back to the way I used to eat. I feel noruished, healthy, balanced. My energy is incredible throughout the whole day.

I loved racing in the snow. I love my GVH teammates. I love the whole experience. They are hands down the best people ever in the world. I am beyond grateful that they did not allow me to run in shorts either. They are not afraid to tell me where the line is between being tough and being batshit crazy (Sorry Sr. Rosemary!!!!)

I begin with Coach Ryan on Dec 1st. I am beyond ready. I am excited. I took a very small step forward today. Here is to several more!