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General / Whole30


I am so happy to be home! I came home on Monday night…. late… and was greeted with these beauties:


I am back to a full week of training, and happy to be. I have paused running until Saturday. Things are healing up quite nicely however and I expect to be back to 100% by Sunday!

A few good resources I wanted to pass along today:

Two Grand:

This app for your phone allows you the ability to food log via picture, and connect with others. Sonja, myself and several others have begun to create a little tri foodie community. Check the app out here. You can follow me by my handle MaryEggers.

Be warned… it doesn’t count macros or calories. That’s old school. We are healthy eaters who like to share ideas!

On Top of Your Game:

I am a lover of mental fitness (the term coined by Jesse Kropelnicki of course), and this website by Carrie Cheadle is really really good. Not only should you purchase her book, you should check out her mental fitness worksheets. A must for anyone who is serious about achieving a goal. Check it out here.

Pre race fueling:

As a graduate of QT2/ The Core Diet one of the things we learned is how to fuel pre race. Through my Whole30 experiences I have realized that I have a sensitivity to wheat. It gives me migraines. I am continuing to refine my day before fueling but one of my athletes sent me Fuel for Fire a few weeks ago. It’s simple. It’s pureed fruit and whey protein. Pre race I use sweet potato + apple. We all know branched chain amino acids have been shown to help on race day, it still has the apple that we know is a good source of healthy carbs and hydration. and sweet potatoes are one of the best sources of carbohydrates out there. Check out their products here.

I have done a lot of work on nutrition this season, not a crazy diet (I have only lost about 10 pounds after all), but I have changed how I eat completely (and not low carb). I am continuing to seek out healthier ways to fuel my sport. More on that in another post. I won’t be carrying sweet potatoes on the race course, but there are better ways than sugaring up.

Speaking of low carb, Coach Tina here at the Valor Triathlon Project wrote a great piece on this very topic. Click here to read why low carb training is not always best, and how it may hinder rather than help performance.

Those are my resources for today…. go out and be healthy with your strongest mental game yet!

General / Race Reports

Texas 70.3 Race Report

This is my third time racing Texas 70.3, and I plan on it again in 2015. I love this race. I chose it because I love Texas, it’s an easy race to transition from the trainer for, the navigation from airport to hotel to race is crazy easy, plenty of race day parking, the price is right….. and I have the greatest friends in the world.

Race morning began with us sleeping as long as we could. We were not in a rush to get into transition., our bikes were there and hey, we have been doing this a long time. Pre race breakfast went down easy and we arrived at the race site about 6am. I felt such excitement, and I haven’t felt that through recent years. I have been though illness and burnout and while I did do an Ironman last year I did it to get my friend Heather her medal  as she was killed by two drunk drivers before she had the chance to. It was my way of healing and honoring her.

I promise that if you take a step back, it will come back.

As we began to line up for the swim I hung out wit my old QT2 teammates. This is a big QT2 race and I am still good friends with many of them. Venues and people’s work changes but the relationships you build never do. I am so grateful for them.

When it was time for the women 40-44 to enter the water (NEW AGE GROUP!) I entered the water via cannonball, as we jumped off a pier into the bay. The water was brackish and the water was rough. JUST the way I like it. My friend Maureen advised me to swim towards Home depot! PERFECT advice, it was in line with the turn buoy!

The gun went off and we began to swim! The current was against us and the chop was significant. In these conditions a higher cadence stroke works great so I employed that and aimed to stay with the pink caps around me. One was my pace and taking a good line, so I honed in on her. Once we turned we were with the current, so I lengthened my stroke and began to swim longer. As we caught  the waves ahead it got somewhat congested, but nothing I couldn’t swim around. The final turn put us back into the current, which felt like I was swimming in place. It was a good swim for me!

I skipped the wetsuit strippers, in this case it was quicker for me to get to transition.

I love this bike course. It’s not the flatness of it I love, flats are often more difficult than hills. You sustain the same pace stressing the same muscles without a break at all. I love this course because it’s near the gulf. It’s a great trainer to road course. And today it was not only windy but it was rainy.

People had been wigging out about the weather being ugly. I race best in horrible weather. I don’t know why. The worse it is the more I like it. I had gotten a new bike fit from Erik at Towpath Bike, and I was immediately comfortable atop my CDo1. I love this bike and I love my fit. 56 miles in aero and I’m happy.


I had no data appearing. My Quarq, which was just replaced was giving me shotty watts. HR was not picking up. It was fine, because it used the metric of cadence to pace me. Cadnce was perfect. I kept it at 90 and rode. The winder it got the happier I got. There was no drafting out there, there never seems to be at this race. People ride legally and people ride courteously. Maybe it’s just Texas but I wish all races were like this. Another reason I love to come here.

I felt fantastic the whole ride. Nutrition was easy, everything felt good. My Quintana Roo rides like a darn dream. I never need another bike. People keep asking if I am getting the new PR six….. I don’t know why I would! When you have something that works, why change it? This bike was made for me.

Towards the end of the ride I realized this part of the course had changed. I looked around….. holy cats! I WAS RIDING ON A TARMAC!!!! I was at the airport!!!!!! So badass.

I got through T2 quickly and began to head out onto the run. I was nervous. About a week and a half ago during a run my left gastroc tightened up to the point I had to stop running. It wasn’t a tear, or a pull….. I know what that feels like. It was a huge giant knot. A few days of run injury protocol and I felt fine. I headed out for a test run and it happened all over again, and I was one week from race day. I began to really attack it. Rolling, self ART and then my amazing massage therapist Kara at midtown (She’s amazing and you needn’t be a member to see her.) worked the heck out of it.

I honesty was not sure if I would be able to run at all. I wore one pink calf sleeve to help support it, and trust me that was really to support my mind. I decided that if it got bad I had to stop. So here went nothing.

I took the entire first loop of the run easy. I still had no data, and I had my foot pod on, so I paced the run by cadence. It was an interesting metric to go by but it was GREAT!!! I kept my run cadence between 90-95, and the first loop felt good. No issues with the calf. At mile 6 I picked up to a 7:45 pace for a mile…… which felt good…. until the tightness began to creep in. I got nervous, I felt too good, I had come this far…. back it off back it off…… I kept the same cadence and just backed it off. Each time I picked it up, it tightened. I refused to get frustrated. It’s April. It’s one race. Be smart. My mental game was the strongest it’s ever been out there, I have worked on that this season and I was able to really use it.

The past year I have had the desire to run hard but felt I lacked the gear in me. After running with GVH all winter, I had the gear. I knew I had the ability to run 1:45 off the bike…. for me that’s a good run. Today I had the gear yet the calf was tightening with any effort over a training pace effort. But I could run. So I kept the run easy. I wasn’t chasing a world’s spot. I wasn’t chasing points. I was here for me.  I smiled the whole time. I nailed nutrition like  invented it. I loved being out there!

I felt so grateful to have THAT feeling back. That feeling of wanting to race. That feeling of NEEDING to race. My last 70.3 was here, two years ago, and another reason I came back here was to start where I stopped. The 70.3 (half ironman) distance is so perfect for me. I have four more this season, but this was my only WTC race. For no other reason then I just wanted to explore. I want this season to be mine from start to finish, The way I love triathlon. The way I need it to be.

I came through the finisher’s chute and felt like I had won the damn race. I felt like I won on so many levels. I loved being out there again. I felt hungry to compete and improve again. I loved sharing this with so many people I love.

My buddies had crazy days. Donna’s derailleur broke pre race and rendered her unable to even start. Molly flatted at mile 40. Trent got hit by a car but PR’d. Heidi….. PR’D by 20 minutes! PROUD COACH PROUD COACH!

I am so happy. It’s early in the season, I have some work to do, some healing to do, and a 70.3 done in April. I am aiming to peak in September so this is the perfect beginning for me. I am so thrilled to be BACK.

I promise you that if you do take that step back….. it WILL come back. And during my step back I raced, hell I even did an Ironman. But I stepped back. Let the fire rekindle. It will come.

Thank you so much to everyone who gave me such love throughout this. Who have supported me through the past few years of illness and burnout. I have the best friends in the world. I traveled here with Molly, Donna and Trent and I can’t thank them enough for being so laid back, fun, and just being amazing friends. Thanks to all of my former QT2 mates, especially Charlie, Rick, Keith, I am lucky to have had the experiences I have had.

Thanks so much to Towpath Bikes for incredible support, and incredible fitting and being the best bike shop a girl could have. Thanks to Quintana Roo for being the best bike sponsor ever in the world. Thanks to Kara at midtown athletic club for mashing the everliving hell out of my calf and getting me to this starting line. Thanks also to Steve from Midtown for helping me with strength! Thanks to my amazing athletes at Valor Triathlon Project….. you guys are family to me!!!! And thanks….. to my cycling classes at Midtown athletic club. You guys are the best riding partners a girl could ask for.

HUGE thanks to Mike Reif and my Genesee Valley Harriers teammates. You guys have embraced me and brought me into this running family, taught me how to run, and are amazing amazing teammates. I can’t wait to USE this run I have learned! THANK YOU!

Most importantly…. thank you to my husband and son, Curt and Luc. For so many things. Curt now acts as my advisor as I am again a self coached athlete, and he’s terrific, as well as being the best husband in the world.

I stole this photo from Charlie….. from left to right … Heidi, Donna, Trent, me, Charlie, Molly and Rodney.

The gang

I am coming home feeling so happy.

And ready for the next adventure!!! THANK YOU for following along!