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I am so happy to be home! I came home on Monday night…. late… and was greeted with these beauties: I am back to a full week of training, and happy to be. I have paused running until Saturday. Things are healing up quite nicely however and I expect to be back to 100% by Sunday! A few good resources I wanted to pass along today: Two Grand: This app for your phone allows you the ability...

Texas 70.3 Race Report


This is my third time racing Texas 70.3, and I plan on it again in 2015. I love this race. I chose it because I love Texas, it’s an easy race to transition from the trainer for, the navigation from airport to hotel to race is crazy easy, plenty of race day parking, the price is right….. and I have the greatest friends in the world. Race morning began with us sleeping as long as we...

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