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Have faith, be brave.


I am not inspired by you if your biggest accomplishment is that you stood on the top spot of the podium. I have stood on that spot. I am not inspired by you if you are the fastest on that given day. I have been the fastest on that given day too. I know what that is like. I know how meaningful it can be. I know how hollow it can feel. You know who I am inspired by? I am inspired by people who have...

A different beat


Thank you to the amazing Alex Tong for our new design! Alex is one of my friends and athletes and he has an eye for sport and art. I am so honored he redid the look around here. If you are from Rochester you’ve seen his photography at the #TrailsRoc events, and now many of the GTRC events as well. If you need design work, Alex is your man. Thank you so very much Alex!!!!!!!! “Mary...

Fill your cup


A few months ago I needed to refill my cup …as I told you about last week. During that time It was definitely refilled, but it took some major shifting. Shifting in and out of habits, people, everything. I took a really good look at who was in my life and what came from that relationship. I took a really good look at the conversations I was having. I took a really good look at what I was...

True gifts


This year I got the greatest Christmas gift. My sister in law donated to Teens Living with Cancer and Madi’s Medical Fund. I did the same for her, so it turned out to also be the greatest gift I have ever given. I asked for that because truly…. I have everything I could possibly need. If you know me at all you know I have so much love for these two entities. Two years ago I raced...

Mary Eggers

Mary Eggers. Mom and wife. 20 Years Racing Triathlon, 9 time Ironman finisher, 3 time Kona qualifier. Co-founder of Valor Triathlon Project. USAT Triathlon Coach and guiding RN students in academia. Cancer crusader. Rocking the mic at Score This! events! Currently based out of Rochester, NY.

Mary currently coaches athletes of all levels, abilities and experience from beginner to professional. Please see the "coaching" page or email for more information!

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