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Level II swim camp, benefiting Madi’s Medical Fund!

My husband, son and I are very excited and proud to bring you ONE more swim camp this spring, but this one is a very special one. We sent out our March 8th Level II link to friends and family, and it sold out in just a few hours, before we even released it publicly.

We knew we needed a second one, and we were looking for a way we could do something with the great fortune we have had with these camps. We have gotten to work with swimmers all over our state and these camps have really … as I keep saying….. become a labor of love for Curt Luc and I.

At the same time, way across the country…. one of my high school classmates, Tom Miller…. has had his world turned upside down. His 10 year old daughter Madi was diagnosed with two malignant brain tumors this past fall. She’s been fighting like hell.

Look at this beautiful girl.


Tom is one of the good guys. He’s a teacher. He pays into the system, had insurance that still leaves him trying to cover over $16K of medical expenses to help Madi win this battle.

If there is one thing I have learned in this life, it’s that we have to take care of one another. Right now the fund is just $1,200 shy of the $16K goal. We would like to bridge that gap.

Proceeds from our Level II swim camp will go to Madi’s Medical Fund. How much will that be? If we sell out this camp, as we’ve done with all of our other camps this year…. we should be able to cover that $1,200.

So let’s sell this camp out gang.

Our level II camp is for swimmers of all abilities who want to improve their swimming game. It’s Sunday March 22nd from 8-12:30. We will yank out all the lane lines and perform drills to navigate open water swimming. We will teach you how to sight, get buoys in the water, simulate open water swimming. We will also perform the same video analysis that we did in level I. This time our classroom session will also focus on the open water aspect of swimming, covering everything from fogging goggles to drills to wetsuits.

Swimmers of all levels are welcome and you needn’t have attended level I. This will be our final camp until next winter!

Cost is the same… $150. Again all proceeds will go to Madi’s Medical Fund. When we have the final amount we will share that and write a nice big check!!!!!!!

The fact that we CAN consider things like coming to swim camp to improve our swimming speaks volumes of the good fortune we have in our life. Let’s share it with Madi. Let’s show her how much we love her, let’s show her we have her back, and let’s circle this family with love.

To register please click here.

To read more about Madi please click here.

See you in March!!!

Tom….. we are with you and Madi in this fight!!!!

Special thanks to Towpath Bikes for again supporting our camps and to Score This!!! for handling our registration!




Give like crazy

On Sunday I turned 41, and I got to spend it doing what I love. Shouldn’t all birthdays be like that? Shouldn’t all days be like that?

My husband, son and I put on our third swim camp in three weeks. I was completely wrecked afterwards, I spent the rest of the day on the couch in front of the fire. It was so worth it. I got to work with amazing athletes. Holly (one of my athletes and friends) came up from Philly and I think I hugged her a gazillion times?

A special shout out to Towpath Bikes, for their continued support of our swim camps. They provide us with backpacks, swim camps, water bottles, gels and all of our TYR swim gear to give away!

Swim camp jan 25

These camps nourish me like nothing else. Yes, it’s swimming. But having the opportunity to contribute to another athlete’s journey is so rewarding. Watching them have the ah-ha moment, or even that moment when they don’t really get it, but they are trusting you anyways is something I forever cherish. These little moments, to me mean something big. They fill my heart.

Getting to do this as a team with my husband and son just makes it so much better. I could never do this thing without them.

It was the best way to spend a birthday.

Later that night I watched Undercover Boss. It is honestly my favorite show, because these rich and powerful CEO type people, go undercover and work alongside the “regular” people who do the footwork of their businesses. They take a step in and see what happens at the level they never see and likely have never given much thought to.

They get to know some of the people on the bottom of the pyramid that they live off of, and at the end of the show they usually do something amazing for them. Pay for their children’s education, double their salaries, buy them a house. The people they find are always the most incredible people. The former homeless man who got his life together and spends his free time working in homeless shelters. The single mom working two jobs to raise her daughters, one with special needs.

The list goes on.

Ordinary people doing things they don’t consider extraordinary, to do what they have to do to make the world a better place.

If I could pick a dream job…. it would be to work for a gazillionaire. I would travel the country and find people. Learn their stories. Learn their struggles. I’d find the good ones. And then I’d help fill the holes and help make their lives better. I would want to be anonymous. If I am ever a gazillionaire that is what I would do.

My parents taught me at a young age to give back, and it’s what I feel I don’t do enough of. I have been blessed in this life with some of the platforms I have been able to stand on. Athletics have more than blessed me. I have been able to have some very fortunate places on the tops of podiums. Even as an adult when I have proudly boasted my achievements to my father, he reminds me…. do something with it.

I have a mantle filled with awards. At the end of the day though….. what do they mean? They mean personal achievement. That means a lot to me. But have I done enough with it? Have I made enough of a difference? Will I be remembered as the girl who won a bunch of races or will I be remembered as someone who tried to make this world a better place?

Races come and go. Getting on those podiums remains a goal I love to pursue. But doing something to try to give back to this world helps me take that accomplishment and make something of it. Personal achievement means nothing to me unless I give something back to the world.

There are a thousand ways to do it, and my goal is to encourage people to do something small every day. I donate platelets. I am donating my hair to locks of love for the 5th time tomorrow, and I have a big fundraiser I am about to announce that I am so so excited for. Stay tuned for those details. It’s a way we can come together, do something we love and take care of a little girl who has become very special to me.

The day before I turned 41 I sat atop a new Trek Speed Concept and I felt like Cinderella at the ball. This season I am very honored to partner with Trek and Towpath Bikes to be aboard this amazing machine they call a bike.

new bike

I am grateful beyond grateful to be given the chance to represent both companies. At this stage of my career and my age it’s not something that happens or happens often! I know my days of bike sponsorships are thinning out as well. I feel a great responsibility as I embark on this new endeavor, to properly represent people who believe in me. I feel a greater responsibility to take this chance to represent, and do something epically awesome with it. Trying to gain a podium spot on it? Sure. Of course. But what if we could REALLY do something epic with it? I am cooking up something for that too.

Through the next few weeks I will outline the whole process of bike fitting, truly no one does it like they do at Towpath… as well as all that becomes involved in selecting a new ride, the special features about this bike, and more. And at the same time I am dreaming up a pretty crazy thing to help take care of some things for someone special. It will all tie together and be awesome.

Sponsorships are an interesting thing. You are given something and in return your responsibility is to represent and be an ambassador of the company and product. What you won’t see me do is ride my bike, take a selfie of myself on my bike daily and say “Out on my #Towpath #Trek ride.”. Or post “Tired from my #Towpath #Trek bike ride today.” There is a better way to represent. There is a bigger picture than being a social media DB! Like I said above….. we are going to do something epic and that… is how I will properly represent Towpath and Trek, because they deserve more than just a hashtag.

When things like this are given to me…. I feel even more of a need to give, and not for recognition, but because it’s the right thing to do. I talk about what I like to do to try to plant the idea in your head…. to go out and do. That’s how the world goes around. That’s how we take care of one another.

As I sat on that bike… as I said….. I felt a greater need to do something. Maybe it’s my way of off setting the overwhelming feeling of what has been given to me in my life. Gratitude doesn’t even cover how I feel. Blessed isn’t a strong enough word either.

I can’t even find the right one.

Life is circular like this though. As we are given we are to give. I am a middle class working girl. I don’t have deep pockets but I hope that I am evidence that you needn’t have deep pockets to do something. In fact…. I know too many people who have deep pockets who don’t do anything but shop!

So today I encourage you to do two things: look around in your own life. Recognize the ways you have been blessed. Notice how that feels. Then I ask you to look around you and see how you can share that energy. Maybe donate blood or platelets. What about donating hair? What about gathering up your old clothes and donating those?

What about donating your time? Your skills? You?

It’s the best therapy out there. It’s the best THING out there. You can’t buy it…. you have to give it to receive it.

Then…. at the end of the day you sleep better. Not because everyone likes what you did…. but because deep down…. behind the closed doors and off social media….. you know you are honoring what you were taught as a kid.

You are honoring your ability to step back and see the world as a bigger place than podium placings. You allow yourself to still strive for those, it’s good for those to be important. But now as an adult…. as you clearly see (and I really am talking about me here) the connection between the platform you have been gifted, and what you can do with that. You can do good things with it.

That platform is what drives me. Let’s do some epic shit this season friends. We may not be gazillionaires but that doesn’t mean we can’t be crazy creative in our methods. Through the past few years I have learned that nothing is impossible. Personally or globally.

You just have to be a little bat shit crazy to dream it up and put it into action.

So here is to being 41…. trust me girls…. don’t be afraid of your 40’s…. it gets crazy fun here.