Mary Eggers

Date archives April 2015


Almost here.

I never imagined having Curt at home and up to his elbows in Valor Triathlon Project ongoings would be so fulfilling. I knew he would be amazing at this whole triathlon business, I just never realized the quality he would bring and the coaching partner he could be. I should have known it though, because he’s been a great partner in life, in parenting and in marriage. He’s been immersed in this sport longer than I, and his experience, insight and philosophy…. well I did marry the guy a million years ago, didn’t I?

He’s lit a spark within me in my own coaching career. To learn more, to be better, and doing it next to him has given me a whole new feeling about what we do. I love what we do, with the group of athletes we get to do it with. We have been blessed this season for sure.

We were discussing training regimens yesterday morning and somehow came onto the topic of my cycling. My cycling sessions from High Performance Training are hands down the most challenging sets I have ever done in my life. It caused me to think back to when I first began. Some of these wattages I thought were impossible. I failed at a bunch of my first rides. I couldn’t hold the wattage I would tell coach, secretly hoping he would drop it down.


He didn’t. Instead he set me straight. “You have to believe you can hit those numbers. I wouldn’t give them to you if I didn’t think you could do them.”

For some reason that ignited something within me. I was looking for cold hard data that would suggest these numbers were possible. What I got was something different. Something more powerful. Something more empowering. Was it as simple as believing?

In this particular case…. it was.

I have hit almost every number every session since. I let go of logic. I let go of wanting X to see Y to prove I could do Z. I closed my eyes, took a deep breath, embraced the pain in my legs and I silenced that voice of reason.

As I am less than a month from my first race of the season I am eager. I am eager to see what that translates into. I am stronger than I have been in a long time. My run is coming a bit slower…. but it’s coming. I took a HUGE leap of faith with a new coach and a new team and not needing to know the nitty gritty details. I put my faith in coach, and it’s been incredible to just let go.

Logic has always been my worst enemy. I am a dreamer. I am someone who likes to reach into the bag of impossible and see what happens. I am not afraid to succeed and I am most definitely not afraid to fail. My ego and self worth have never been attached to paces or placings or performances.

Sometimes I wish they were. Actually often I wish they they were! But they aren’t, it’s just not who I am.

It’s been a while since I have been on the race course. I wanted to allow that fire to rekindle, I wanted to feel hungry again and not race just to go out and race. Regardless of where I am in terms of performance I can’t wait to just…. get out there and feel the feel of racing again. I want to feel the wind in my helmet and I want to feel that feeling of running on legs that just biked like they know they can.

I am starting to feel like that bear in a cage. Short course is waiting for me. I have a lot to relearn, I have a lot of redevelop. I have a lot to rediscover. I am eager to get the rust out of my system and begin this several year short course path I am on.

Until then…. I am continuing on the journey. Hitting numbers I have never seen, getting uncomfortable in ways I have never allowed myself to become.


Ticking along

Life is quickly ticking by up here in the northeast! The sun is peeking out from behind winter, the grass is still brown but every few steps along our run yesterday…. we’d see a small bud, or a bird, or some hint that spring is here. It’s here, it just needs a few weeks to unroll and bloom.

I wouldn’t trade the changing seasons for the world.

In my neck of the woods, nothing exciting is happening, but at the same time…. everything exciting is happening.

Fitnesswise… I am making small gains every day. Training is like paint, you add a layer, let it dry. Add another layer, let it dry. One day, with patience and care, it all adds up to something strong. My work with High Performance Training is the best I have ever done. I am happy, healthy and strong. Period.

Curt’s foray into working with me at Valor Triathlon Project has been awesome. So much of coaching is about collaboration, I lean on my fellow coaches and even others outside my small circle. To be able to collaborate with my husband has been a gift. He’s immediately brought some amazing structure and organization to the back end of what we do, allowing me to put more focus into coaching, and that’s been a godsend.

This week we begin a year long Elite Coaching Mentorship program with Justin Trolle, you can read about him here. I am hungry to grow as a coach and this program is the perfect chance for us to expand on what we know and give our athletes and even better experience. We will head to Colorado Springs this summer to get some 1-1 time with Justin, and I am really excited to relay our experiences to you. Certifications are great, but education is a continuous process. I love when coaches can collaborate rather than compete. I learn so much from others and I am seeking to improve on my knowledge and experience, all the time.

All of us at VTP are thinking about what we can offer our team in the future, we want to develop and grow but not in the “we have a million athletes” way. We want to help our athletes become the best THEY can be.

It’s an exciting time.

As I yearn to grow as a coach, I also do as a nurse. With my first year in academia nearing it’s end (hello… SUMER!!!!) I look back and realize how much I have tried to absorb since August. From learning how a nursing program works, to learning what academic standards are, outcomes, committees, curriculum development and planning…. not to mention the amazing world of nursing simulation…. I am in love. As with coaching I have so much more to understand and process, and I am in the perfect place to do it. I swear I am retiring from this place, in a hundred years!

It’s a good place to be. Growing, learning, developing. I fear getting to the top of the mountain and not having anywhere else to go. Scratch that, I fear thinking I have found the top of the mountain.

I don’t fear growing old. I don’t fear age. I don’t fear any of that.

I fear becoming old. Becoming stagnant in my knowledge.

That keeps me moving and seeking and learning. And wanting to learn. Investments I made into graduate school, coaching, everything yield returns more important than cashflow. Cashflow comes with hard work. If you love what you do and you love to continue to develop yourself, then the circle will complete.

As I said, life is quickly ticking away around here. I am loving sharing an office with my husband. We have been a strong team from day one of our courtship and I am proud that 17 years later we honor that same level of it. When things fit and click…. they just do.

The sun is shining this morning and the birds are outside singing. That means spring is coming!