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Coming back


“I can feel it coming back again…. like the roll of thunder chasing the wind…” As I crested the hill …. running…. the other night I felt some strength surface that I haven’t felt in years. Since 2008 to be exact. That year I went through a health issue… I never like to call it an illness. It resulted in a loss that’s taken me years…...

To reach.


“Maybe today I will qualify for states!” Luc said as he began to make his way to the infield for the 600m. I stood there dumfounded, looking at Curt. The qualifying time for states for this event is a 1:24 and for context no one ran that fast at the meet. Luc had run this event exactly one week before in a 2:13. As we waited for the event to begin I began to roll through my mind how I...

No easy way


As I drove home from Houghton College my heart was both heavy and light at the same time. Tears rolled down my face, tears brimming with pride and despair. Luc was on the bus behind me riding with his team…. and being part of a team has been his dream for a long time. I felt despair because I just wish one thing….. one thing…. would come easy for Luc. His entire life, everything...

The work… of work.


My first official block of triathlon training is complete and I have nearly survived a recovery week. Even at my elder age, with all this experience being an athlete and a coach, I sometimes find recovery difficult. We get on a roll, training volume and intensity isn’t that high….. why don’t we just keep a build going? I have fudged recovery weeks in the past…. too many...

Mary Eggers

Mary Eggers. Mom and wife. 20 Years Racing Triathlon, 9 time Ironman finisher, 3 time Kona qualifier. Co-founder of Valor Triathlon Project. USAT Triathlon Coach and guiding RN students in academia. Cancer crusader. Rocking the mic at Score This! events! Currently based out of Rochester, NY.

Mary currently coaches athletes of all levels, abilities and experience from beginner to professional. Please see the "coaching" page or email for more information!

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