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There is just something about the Adirondacks. The people are laid back and conscientious. Everyone around here uses glass instead of plastic. There is a little more care when they slide you your cup of coffee across the counter. “Have a nice day.” They say…. and they mean it. They look you in the eye and they take the pause. And when you say it back to them… you mean it...



I was so glad when the clock ticked thirty minutes. I was smoked. It was my second run of the day bringing my total to 12, and 39 miles for the week. On a Sunday night no less. It’s the highest mileage I have put together in a week since 2004. Healthy mileage. 39 miles in one week might be impressive. It’s the weeks of 40 miles over time that really brings out the magic. There is...



“Good work Mom.” Luc said as we high fived. That run was hilly, it was an hour fifteen minutes. It was our longest run so far as he heads into cross country and I head towards the marathon. We don’t look at pace or even heart rate. We know aerobic, we know easy. We have slowly built up to 30 miles per week. I am headed to forty, he is headed to whatever his coach feels is a good...

Mary Eggers

Mary Eggers. Mom and wife. 20 Years Racing Triathlon, 9 time Ironman finisher, 3 time Kona qualifier. Co-founder of Valor Triathlon Project. USAT Triathlon Coach and guiding RN students in academia. Cancer crusader. Rocking the mic at Score This! events! Currently based out of Rochester, NY.

Mary currently coaches athletes of all levels, abilities and experience from beginner to professional. Please see the "coaching" page or email for more information!

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