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Race Reports

Safejourney Scarecrow 5K + Kona + TLC Bandana Bolt

Wow. What a weekend. If I could put this weekend in a bottle I would. I literally had the best of both worlds: a weekend of family, friends and racing and a foot in Kona.

Saturday morning I raced the Safejourney Scarecrow 5K. It’s been four weeks since I have begun this running block. I wanted to race on a  recovery week to see if any of this fitness had taken hold just yet. I know it’s too soon but I wanted to see. I also am my first week into the Whole30 which is giving up sugar and such for 30 days. Click here for the details.

I am just over a week in, down 4 pounds and I have never felt better. I wanted to see how I raced on this challenge. Instead of getting my carbs for my pre and post workout windows from grains I have gotten them from fruit. I have asked a lot of people for help and I have gotten it.

My pre race breakfast was a “pancake” made out of two eggs and one banana. I learned this week that this dish isn’t technically Whole30 compliant. They want you to NOT be emotionally attached to a pancake. But the ingredients are compliant. At the same time some of the Larabars are allowed. So I decided this: I am not going to split hairs. I am not emotionally attached to pancakes and these have worked really well for me in the morning. I do 99% of my training in the am and it’s not that I get to sit down and have a pancake…. but I can grab it and go. I topped it with some organic powdered peanut butter (mixed with water) and it turned out to be perfect for a pre race meal. I won’t split hairs over ingredients.

banana pancakes

Luc once again accompanied me to the race, I love having him there. I grabbed a banana, a quick warm up.

Earlier that morning Curt and I discussed 5K pacing. He told me I just have to go hard the first mile and hang on. That’s what I tried to do. Before the race began my friend Heather came up to me, I have not seen her in years. Both of us are long distance athletes (she’s a mighty amazing distance runner, especially on trails) trying to cross over to short course. We joked a bit about how the times we were currently running once seemed slow…. and she said something to me that resonated “Give yourself permission to be a beginner again.”. I smiled. Thank you for that sister. It so descriptive of what I am doing right now.

The gun sounded and we were off. I had a lot of trouble weaving through the crowd even though I had started near the front. Once I got clear road though I felt good. I hit mile 1 in 7:10 which was great for me. I kept my head clear and just ran. Mile 2 and mile 3 slipped. But I was running as hard as I could. My GVH teammate Diane was near me and with her near me I know I am in a good spot.

Nothing went through my head at all. It was clear. The fatigue came and I leaned into it. I wore a HRM in case I needed some motivation. If I need it I look down at my HR and try to get it higher.I felt somewhat weak, likely from nutrition but nothing that mattered in a 5K.

It stayed very steady about where it should. Notice I had trouble getting around people in the beginning.

HR 5k scarecrow

As I said my miles slipped but I had a great first mile. I just need to develop the ability to hold on to the second two.

5k scarecrow time

While it was faster than last week it’s still a long short of where I need to go. With my HR data I see that it’s just where I am right now. four weeks in I am going to take that. Four weeks in, four pounds down, one week into Whole30 and a few seconds faster….. I am happy with that.

Back home it was Kona time. A big thanks to all of you on the big island who texted, called, emailed and facebooked me all day long. I am so proud of how everyone did over there. Especially Jennie. Three Ironman races in ten weeks and she’s one of the top twenty in the world? And on that list she’s one of 2 or 3 who has a job outside of triathlon. I am thrilled beyond belief for her. She was just 5-10 minutes out of being right in the game. A bit of rest makes that kind of difference. Her future is bright. After some rest.

jennie kona

Sunday morning brought the Teens Living With Cancer Bandana Bolt up at the Seneca Park Zoo. I was announcing, and Luc was racing his first 5K. Curt joined us to pace him too. We had over 150 participants on the same day the Breast Cancer rides and 5K was, so that was really good. I noticed a lot of first time runners and walkers, which meant so much to us.

teens 5K

Luc did amazing and even placed third in his age group. This is my favorite picture…. father and son running together, stride for stride impeccably!

curt and luc 5K tlc

The old crew was back together again. Greg was second overall, his wife Amanda won her age group and PR’d, and Solveig PR’d a week after running the Wineglass 1/2 Marathon. We just needed Charlie C in here and we would have been set!

teens 5k 2

Is there anything in the world than events that mean something personal to you, shared with friends and family? I can’t think of anything better. I got to experience it on all levels this weekend. I sit here tonight with a deep feeling of gratitude for so many things. Health, life, hitting goals, experiencing new things.

Back to the grind for me this week in terms of running. I add some cycling back in and continue on the Whole30 journey. I absolutely love the way I feel. I am loving my progress and I am really excited that things are moving in the right direction.

As for Jennie…… I am proud beyond belief. For so many things. She’s just freaking awesome. I am so proud that I get to call myself her coach. SO PROUD!