Mary Eggers


Whole30 resources

I am a third of the way through Whole30. I have gotten tons of questions, which I highly appreciate. Several of you have jumped on board the bandwagon which is amazing.

Everyone has their own reasons for embarking on a challenge like this. Mine are pretty clear and outlined here if you missed it.

The common themed question I am getting seems to revolve around: what do I eat? How do I fuel my training? These are really valid questions. I listed some of the resources I have come across below. If you have some, please share them with me as well!

I will say this: I could not have done this during the final build to Ironman. Others might be able to but I would advise waiting. Give yourself the time for a good clean slate. It will be here when you are done. I recommend doing this in the off-season. Right now I am only training about 10-12 hours a week, which allows me to make it my complete focus.

One of the questions believe it or not, came from my husband. He remarked that he’s never seen someone make such a drastic chance to their nutrition so quickly. (He is a man who eats very very well, but he can have his cake and eat it too. He’s also a phenomenal athlete). How did I do it?

I just decided to. Honestly that was it.

I see people hem and haw about things in their life. I am pretty on or off when it comes to many things. One of my friends always says “Mary is either on time or not coming. She’s never late.” That’s a fact. I am in or out. All or none. With that being said…. I was not totally in or totally out of Ironman prep this season which was VERY difficult for me. I was dictated by medical things and riding that out as it came around. That made it very tough.

Again I am only a third of the way in here, I am a novice at best.

The next question is, if you felt good before… what do you mean you feel awesome? This is the one that is hardest to describe. I have always felt good. How I have felt for the past 11 days is: clear, energetically stable, relaxed (but I am a relaxed and laid back person at baseline). I love the feeling of taking care of myself like this. I love that feeling. I just feel good. And I can’t properly articulate it.

Here are the resources that have been helping me so far. Some of these I have listed before, some are new, I put them into some categories for you:

What the heck should I eat? Here are some Whole30 compliant recipe resources.

It was difficult at first to find resources for athletes on Whole30. But thanks to some helpful twitter friends I found these for tips on fueling our type of lifestyle and training:

I appreciate the questions and feedback more than you can imagine. I am glad I decided to share this experience.

Remember: giving up sugar isn’t hard. Cancer is hard.