Mary Eggers


Making the reach

Over the past few weeks we’ve talked about fear. We’ve talked about setting goals that frighten you. The ones that are 40-50% attainable. The ones that aren’t safe, that make you reach. That force you to buck up or give up.

So how do we do that?

Everyone can think of those kinds of goals. It’s not hard to think of, to dream of. But many lack putting it into action. Many hem and haw and remain in that grey space in their lives. Wanting to make the change and get things rolling but not sure how to do it. That lack of a plan is ultimately what keeps them from beginning in the first place.

That’s one of the reasons I love what I do as a coach. I create the plan to help you get from here to there. 100% of the times it involves making some changes. Whether it’s nailing down HR zones to train at the proper intensities, to training with a purpose it’s my job to project manage in a way and be part of your team to help you get there.

Change is scary. Our old comfortable routine is comfortable even though it may not yield us the situation we desire. I see people remain in those situations … in relationships…. that are horrible for them but …. change is hard they tell me.

Change is not hard. Cancer is hard. Living in a war torn country is hard.

If you have the power to change your life…. why wouldn’t you? There are certainly people in this world who are totally powerless over their situation. But not us. We are Americans. We live in the land of the free. We can change the moment we decide to and enhance our lives to fulfill whatever potential we feel we have. Both on and off the field.

What is necessary is not to look at the picture as a whole. For example I don’t stand someone at the start of an Ironman and say “See you in 140.6!”. By then we’ve created and nailed down the plan. It’s more like…. one loop of the swim… another loop of the swim….. one loop of the bike….. another loop of the bike…. one loop of the run…. and so on. We chunk it up into manageable pieces and execute it like that.

Since I am halfway through Whole30 we can use that as an example as well. I didn’t start day one saying… see you in 30 days sugar! I said…. day one. Day two. Day three. I took it literally one day at a time and somehow I am sitting past the halfway point removed of grains, dairy and sugar and feeling the best I have ever felt in my life.

Because one day I decided to make that change and reach for a goal that I am not sure I will hit. That’s scary enough to whip me into action. Being in the midst of achieving this small goal gives me confidence that the next one is within my reach. It makes me reach just a little more, work just a little bit harder.

It makes me have more faith in myself and what I can do.

If we can do that within our lives…… then we must.

The first step is to stop thinking about how hard it is. “But it’s so hard.” Is my least favorite excuse. It’s a cop out. It’s not hard. Like I say …. Cancer is hard. Improving your life is not. So throw that out. Get on your feet and face it.

The next step is to create a game plan. If your goal is X, then what are the steps you think you need to take right now to align you with achieving that.

The third step…. is to execute the plan.

Using Whole30 as an example again…. the goal is to rid the body of sugars and dairy. The game plan is to identify the food you need, buy it, make it and stock up. Then take every day one day at a time and choose to make good choices. That’s the execution.

While I applied it to Whole30… it applies to everything else. Triathlon, fitness, education. It’s really that simple. Breaking it down is helpful because you aren’t looking at a giant monster that’s months down the road. What can you do today? Now?

Don’t let a goal remain something you wish for but never work for. You have the power to make any change you’d like.

So do it.

It’s honestly really that simple.