Mary Eggers


Whole 30 week three

I am coming into the homestretch of the Whole30 challenge. Once I hit double digits and surpassed the halfway point, things got exponentially easier. I am feeling better than I have ever felt in my entire life, with the exception of two separate days where I didn’t. Whether that was related to nutrition is unknown, or just a day when I didn’t feel so hot.

I am the second week of my second running block, and adding some cycling and swimming back in. Weight training has been consistent. My energy during training is absolutely fine. With the exception of my long run (currently at 1:40) none of my workouts are over an hour.

Weight loss totals 8 pounds at this point and is something I should not talk about or be focused on. Once I mentioned weight loss several people jumped on the bandwagon and wanted to know…. how much… how quick. So I have remained off the scale the past few days and made a pact that aside from the aforementioned….. I won’t talk about it until the end. This is not a weight loss challenge. This is a health improvement plan.

Do I miss grains? Not at all. It’s been over 18 days since my last slice of bread or bagel. I don’t miss it, don’t crave it. I thought I would. I am constantly surrounded by pumpkin bread and at work sweets galore including Halloween candy. I feel none of it tempting. Again, that surprises me and at the same time it doesn’t. I made this choice. It’s not up to people to change for me but for me to change in the situation.

Do I miss dairy? Not at all. I have come to love coconut milk. I thought I would miss Greek yogurt but don’t.

Do I miss carbs? Ah ha. I knew I’d be asked this. By dropping grains from your diet it does not mean you are “low carb”. You simply derive your carbohydrates from other sources. Fruit has a good amount of carbs. I use fruit before and after each workout. Bananas are my staple. So do I miss carbs? No, because I eat carbs. I just get them from better places than bread.

How do I eat out? I have actually eaten at Sticky Lips twice, Unos, Wegmans, Cracker Barell … although last night after donating blood I sat outside the pizza place. Eating out is not a problem whatsoever. Places will make things for you or change for you. Mostly I stick to chicken salads but on Friday night we will be going out and I have a plan of attack ready. I bring my own salad dressing. Click here for a fabulous recipe. How do I eat out? I make better choices.

How do I feel? I honestly feel the best I have ever felt. There is a certain sense of … of what I can’t even articulate… when you take good care of yourself. It’s a calm, proud, satisfied feeling. My energy is stable. I get good sleep (but I always have). I feel more energetically balanced.

How do others treat you? My family is the best example. They are not following this and I didn’t ask them to change their habits. They have been supportive. Just by telling them what I am doing … it’s enough to hold myself accountable. Last night however my husband said he was thinking of doing this. Now he’s a healthy man. He eats really well but is the kind of person who can eat ice cream every night. On the same note those people who can eat anything they want at times come to me defensive. “Well I won’t give up my Reses Pieces!” they say. That’s okay. Eat them. This is something that is important to me for me. As one of my friends said last week… I deserve to take this kind of care of myself. If you know what I have been through in the past 5 years then you understand. This is about me, not about you. Indulge, live it up! We are good!

Me in the kitchen: I have really enjoyed learning how to cook. It’s not hard. I have gotten to the point… as I was told would happen…. where I can begin creating my own recipes. I am enjoying searching for recipes (I have a new batch below). And I am trying new foods each week. Things I have never eaten before (Like zucchini….. yes I know! Never had it!). I have grown comfortable cooking with good fat. I used to be a cooking spray girl but through this I have learned to cook with coconut oil, ghee, and extra virgin olive oil. I am embracing the good fats, I am eating a few more yolks….. and again I feel great.

Here are some great recipes I found this week:

As I am on the home stretch I am beginning to think about life after Whole30. I can’t imagine going back to where I was. Why come this far to go back? I am thinking this is the way I will eat going forward. But that’s not something I need to decide today.

Up for the challenge? Do it. You won’t regret it.