Mary Eggers


Patience and progress

3 weeks through Whole30 and I feel amazing. I realize I keep saying that. I almost feel like I am selling something (vegetables anyone?) but I really feel amazing. It’s interesting what happens when you clean out your diet (and I hate to use that word).

The most common question I am asked is this: “How do you get started?”

I have the easiest answer: you just start. Flip the switch and go.

I did not rid my cupboards of all food. My husband and son eat well, but they have their cake and eat it too. Temptation has not been an issue. At all. I don’t know how and I don’t know why. Maybe it’s just because I bucked up.

This week I felt stagnant in terms of food. I was beginning to make the same things too often. So I took some time to establish some new resources and find new recipes. Throughout this challenge I laid low on the salad except when eating out. Now for some off reason I crave it. Welcome back home salad.

Asian cauliflower fried rice. I have to be honest though…. I just made rice out of cauliflower.

Sausage and mushroom frittata. I made a big pan of this, it will last me a WEEK!

Homemade bangers. I have to admit, I don’t know why these are called bangers, aren’t they burgers? Either way, they are good.

Sweet potato chips. Man once I learned that sweet potatoes are really yams…. things came around!

With less than nine days left (mellowcreme pumpkins should be OFF the shelf by then!) I am beginning to think about life after Whole30. I have worked so hard to completely revamp my nutrition, and the results have been amazing. I am leaning toward being Paleo. I just feel so darn good.

I am also in my 6th week of my running block. 3 weeks build, 1 week recovery, just finished the second build week of the second block. I feel great. I am handling my first week of 43 miles quite well. I got back in the pool this week too, but I am only on the bike 2-3 times. Weight training 3 times (TRX, functional, etc).

My running mileage has increased like I said… I am not pushing any crazy paces or any intensity. At GVH each week I will run in zone 2, but I won’t do the all out efforts that some of team does, only because we are training for different things. We are on different timelines. That’s what I love about GVH, you can tailor it to you. A big portion of the team has nationals coming up…. it’d be silly for me to try keeping up with those speedy chicks. My race isn’t until April. As it applies to me: October heroes bring spring zeroes. That applies to me not them!

I haven’t seen a drop in times yet…. nor should I. It’s only been 6 weeks. This is about when things should slowly begin to change. I am handling the miles well, I am feeling good. I should begin to see times improve because of physical adaptation, improved body competition and a giant dose of patience.

Fueling my long runs (13 miles) has involved water and Lara Bars. In fact here is a recipe to make your own (I haven’t yet!). I am not trying to be what they call metabolically efficient or do any sort of starvation workouts. I am fueling before and after and with Lara Bars and water. When this is all said and done I will have to add in some sort of drink…. I am researching what might work right now. But I am at my volume limit in terms of water being the big fuel.

I have loved this run focus. I planned it well, my husband gave me feedback (especially warning me against intensity right now more than once a week!) and I have been smart in its execution. I am confident this, along with my cleaned up nutrition… will make an impact on 2014. I am only halfway through this run block and ITCHING to be on the trainer more often! A good sign!

All in all…. things are going well on the nutrition and training front. Both take consistency, planning and a big dose of patience. All of which I am pretty darn good at it I don’t say so myself!