Mary Eggers


Day 25.

Day 25 of Whole30. Part of me wonders how the heck I have done it. I have a major sweet tooth. I grew up on bagels. But I have not had any grains, sugar, or dairy in 25 days. Again half of me wonders how… and the other half of me says…. because you chose it.

Many things have changed in the past 25 days. I can categorize them into things I have, and things I haven’t. Let’s begin with the have nots.

What I haven’t:

I haven’t been hungry, except when it’s time for a meal or post longer training session… you know the normal times people are hungry.

I haven’t eaten three square meals a day as Whole30 suggests. I eat 5-6 smaller ones. I am a working mom, a wife and an athlete. I sometimes eat on the go. For me eating more frequently worked.

I haven’t eaten a grain, dairy or a shot of sugar in almost a month.

I haven’t felt deprived. I have felt….. nourished.

I haven’t been off the scale. Weight loss is around 10.

I haven’t felt bad. I somehow escaped that 3-7 day period where people say they feel terrible. But my diet before this was pretty good, and I don’t drink (not because of anything except that I do not drink and drive, not even “just one”  glass of wine. Just a personal thing).

What I have:

I have been tempted by big frosted sugar cookies once. Two days ago. I almost broke.

I have learned how to cook. This is my greatest accomplishment.

I have tried several new foods. Kiwi, sweet potatoes, and other fruits and veggies. Nature makes some really good stuff!

I have felt very good. I feel nourished. I feel quietly proud that I have chosen to take such good care of myself.

I have felt detoxed.

I have struggled a bit with some of my long runs nutritionally. That forced me to pre and post fuel very well and to utilize Lara bars.

I have been teased. Some people eat a muffin in front of me with statements like “Oh sorry Mary… I eat inflammatory grains.” To which I smile. I don’t care what you eat…. I care what I eat.

I have surprised myself.

I have felt calmer (even though I am really laid back to begin with). I feel healthier. I feel …… good. Like a good good. Not just a good.

I have enjoyed this process. It hasn’t been easy but it was certainly worth it.

As I approach day 30 I am beginning to think about what life after Whole30 will be like. I didn’t do all of this work and come this far to go back to my old eating habits. I feel too good. At the same time I like a good brownie every now and again. There is a happy medium and there certainly Paelo brownie recipes out there.

Regardless of the brownie issue I will do some sort of Paleo diet. I might add on another 30 days to this and do it again as well. My training begins to ramp up again the week after next so I have to continue and explore a good way to fuel. Lucky for me there are plenty of athletes from Ironman to Ultra runners who have been able to do this and do it quite well.

In my opinion it remains a choice and a very very personal one. Many have jumped on the bandwagon because of weight loss. I promise you that pounds will come off. Do it for a bigger reason than that. Do it for your health if you do it at all.

Did I feel deprived? Never. In fact…. after a two hour training session this morning I came home and made this. Sweet potatoes, 2 eggs+ 1 egg white and a smoothie of 1 mango, 1 kiwi, 1 cup coconut milk and kale. Not deprived!

breakfast 2

Should you Whole30? Good question. I don’t know. That’s for you to choose!