Mary Eggers


Whole30 completion, and beginning again

I completed my Whole30 journey. And I had that brownie. I wanted it and I wanted it bad.

The strangest thing happened. I ate it slow. I savored it. It was chocolatey and fudgey…. all things I love. Ten minutes later I felt like I had a brick in my stomach. I felt awful. It lasted three hours. All I wanted was salad and to be eating the mayonnaise I had made the day before.

Who am I?

I am a Whole30 graduate. I lived 30 days without sugar, grains or dairy. I feel the best I have ever felt in my life. It wasn’t about restricting or depriving, most people believe that’s what this is. It was 30 days of feeding my body the best food I could. It was 30 days of nourishing my body in ways that I never have. I was a healthy eater…. but I liked my sweets. (I’d say that before I had sweets almost daily. Not a lot, but enough to hit what I thought was my sweet tooth). What this was……. was 30 days giving myself micro nutrients that I needed and didn’t know it.

It was 30 days of giving to myself. Not taking away from myself.

It was 30 days of connecting with people I might not normally connect with. Sharing with people I might normally share with. Experiencing a common ground of wanting to give to ourselves.

It was 30 days of teaching myself how to cook. To cook good wholesome food. To build a recipe library. To learn how to chop veggies and cook multiple dishes at once. To share recipes with people.

I loved every second of it. I never felt deprived. I never felt restricted. At all times… in all honesty…. I felt like I gave myself the most incredible gift.

I loved it so much that I am doing it again. I am interested in diving into food a little deeper. I am interested in the healing qualities, the anti inflammatory properties, the nourishment from the inside out. A few years ago I endured a pretty significant health issue that I only talk about with certain people. That is the catalyst for all of this. When your health is in jeopardy you start to care about what you can do at a cellular level to make sure it never happens again.

And if that means never having another piece of Halloween candy again… I think that for me it is worth the investment.

As I embark on Whole30 a second time around…. I am not so concerned with following the rules as I am making this fit for my lifestyle and who I am. I probably shouldn’t even say Whole30…. but man people go apeshit when you say the word Paleo! (We will talk abut the critics in a minute.) I am an endurance athlete and there is a certain level of fueling I need to attain to be successful… but how I go about it will be smarter. No I won’t race on beet juice….. Powerbar products work incredibly well for me. I can make adjustments however to not run on sugar and caffeine all of the time.

The one thing I did not expect….. were those critics. Mention the word Paelo to some people and they really wig out. I am resilient. There is nothing that can be said to me that will rock me off my foundation. (you should have seen the shit thrown at me through the Duel in the pool experience!) I am solid in who I am and in what I choose to do. I am not swayed by what I read on social media. I take that all at face value.

What is important for me….. is this: I am not concerned about what you eat. I am concerned about what I eat. Bottom line. If you reach out to me that you are joining me in this journey….. then I am here for you. I share my experiences. I think this is something you should do if you are interested in doing it. I don’t think it’s something you should do because someone else is doing it…. or…. this is a genius statement I know…. it’s not something you should do if you are not interested in doing it.

Just know there will be critics. Let them be critics over there. Don’t let them in, it’s truly that simple. Be comfortable with who you are. We are adults. We make our own choices based on what fits US. Easy.

Like I said… for me this became a journey of giving to myself. It feels like these 30 days were a huge gift. I am looking really forward to doing this again, starting today.

I am traveling to Ironman Arizona next week to coach, this will be my first trip on this endeavor. I believe it’s possible to maintain my good habits… I think I just need to be proactive. I will be staying in a condo so I have access to a kitchen, but I am interested more in seeing how to do this out on the town. It’s there…. sometimes you just have to dig for it.

At the end of these 30 days I feel amazing. I thought I wanted that brownie….. turns out I thought I did. Right now any thought of sugar makes me feel like I did that one time in college I drank too much tequila and the thought of ever drinking it again causes me post traumatic stress. I won’t live a life of deprivation going forward…. but my definition of deprivation has changed. I don’t see eating fruits, vegetables and lean meats as depriving myself of anything.

If you are joining me…. welcome to Whole30 Day one (in my case 2.0 day one). Having been through this before I will continue to share…. and I ask you do the same. And I promise you….. it’s not taking away or restricting. It might be on the of the greatest things you ever do for yourself.

 Some resources I have found particularly helpful through this journey aside from the Whole30 site are:

Yesterday I made tacos and I used Swiss chard for the shell. I can’t believe I did that and I can’t believe how great it was. I threw a scoop of mayo on it, mayo that I made… It was delish! I am not normally even a mayo person, I made it because I wanted to see if I could! I am glad I did!