Mary Eggers


Thanksgiving the Whole30 way

I love the holidays. Especially Christmas. It’s that one time of the year where we are all just a bit nicer to one another. Where we look at a stranger and say “Merry Christmas.” or “Happy Chanukah” or whatever we all may celebrate. I am good with “Happy Holidays” too. I don’t care what we say to one another… I care that we say something. That we wish one another good cheer. That we take the time to smile, drop some change into a red kettle, pause and listen to the Christmas Carols being sung.

I am happy it begins before Thanksgiving. Start it earlier I say!!!!!! And as for black Friday…. I never worry about it. If people want to go stand in line for X-Boxes (is that what they are called?) then fine by me. It doesn’t impact my life at all. Just be safe out there everyone.

Thanksgiving for us is typically low key. I am teaching an indoor cycling class at Midtown Athletic Club, which will be great great fun. It’s always jam packed on the holidays! Curt and Luc will run a 5K, we will visit Granny and then head over to my parents’ house. This year at Christmas everyone will be home so I look forward to a nice quiet Thanksgiving.

My Mom is a great cook and she will have all the fixin’s. My poor parents put up with my bulimia antics growing up so when I say “I will bring the veggies and the smashed cauliflower…” they don’t roll their eyes. They will have some. Even though it’s been a long time since the eating disorder days they just care that I am happy and healthy. Growing up it wasn’t that my Mom didn’t teach me how to cook… it’s that I refused to learn.

As you grow into your adulthood you really begin to see the hell you may or may not have put your parents through.

Whole30 won’t be a problem for me through the holidays, because I won’t let it be a problem. I have a fair amount of parties to go to…. but it is truly all about being prepared. Here is a great article with some tips if you need some! If you are interested in joining us for a round of Whole30 December join our little Facebook Group! I want to continue to feel the way I do. Jan 1st I don’t want to feel like I got kicked by the cookie monster.

I don’t see this as self deprivation, I see it as the biggest gift I can give to myself. I think it’s fun to do things together, I am inspired by how many of you have done Whole30 with me. It’s been life changing on so many levels.

For Thanksgiving I plan on bringing 2 dishes to my parents. I have never done this in my life so they welcome it.

  • Mashed cauliflower (this is my favorite recipe)
  • Roasted Brussels sprouts with a bunch of veggies roasted along with them. I simply toss these in EVOO, roast em in the oven for 30-40 min at 400 degrees.
  • I may also bring a green leafy salad. And homemade mayonnaise as dressing. I love this recipe.

If you are thinking about doing Whole30 or something similar… then do it. There is no greater gift than the gift of health to yourself. There will be critics. There always are. There will always be people more interested in what you are doing than the person in their own mirror. Let them be. Let them go. It’s them…. not you. Trust me on that. I am lucky that I am solid in who I am. I would have never made it this far in my life if I was influenced by anything other than my own heart and my own code (as I like to call it). I don’t even strive to “be me”….. I just am. Take it or leave it. Life is too darn short to be caught up in what is not important.

My health is important. It’s my highest priority. Don’t be afraid to make it yours.

This season I invite you to join me as we navigate the holidays a different way. I am not a big drinker so I don’t spend the holidays in the bottom’s up kind of way. I am more interested in people, in actually connecting, wearing ugly sweaters and celebrating the one time of the year that we can be a lot more kind to one another.