Mary Eggers


WHole30 December Edition

It’s no secret that I am totally and completely in love with Whole30. I am not sure what day I am past my original Whole30, which ended about a month ago. I have stayed 90% compliant the past month with a few transgressions. Mostly those cheat foods were to see how I reacted, and to determine whether I truly missed them or whether I thought I did.

In 100% of those transgressions it was that I thought I missed that food.

Which I find fascinating.

I have learned a lot through this process. I have developed a better attitude about food in general. I have eaten new foods. I learned how to cook. I have been inspired by those of you who have taken this journey with me or because of what you saw here. Not because you gave up sugar, dairy and grains. Because you did something to change your life. Because you decided the status quo wasn’t good enough anymore. Because you took charge.

I love watching people do that.

Some of us are beginning a Whole30 December, and I love it. I am in 100%. No transgressions, no seeing what foods I thought I missed or how they cause me to feel… I am in 100%. Heck I will lead the charge.

This isn’t hard to be honest. Cancer is hard. Giving up sugar, dairy and grains for 30 days isn’t hard. I promise you that. I can also promise you that you will feel amazing. If I can, anyone can.

I also have the solution if you are not at all interested. Don’t do it. Easy as that.

To me it was never about depriving, it was about nourishing myself. It was the greatest gift I have ever given to myself.

I will say this: my family does not Whole30. My husband is a very Mediterranean style eater to begin with, but he has his ice cream too. Our son doesn’t Whole30 at all. He’s very texture sensitive and one of the things I am currently doing is finding some ways I can get more fruits and veggies into his diet. Typical teenager plus texture sensitivity. It’s not an easy combo. On our kitchen counter there is bread, pumpkin bread, etc. There are also sweet potatoes, avocados, bananas….. I just make the better choice.

Getting started:

1. Community: It’s been fun connecting with people that I might not normally connect with. Emails, messages, etc have been exchanged and I feel like I get to experience even more people now. So let’s come together in one place. Give our Eating Cleaner Facebook page a like and share recipes, thoughts, ask questions…. anything. Click here for that.

2. The Whole30 website: This is your main resource. I have linked the what it’s all about, how to get started page. I highly recommend signing up for the daily email. For $14.95 you get a month of amazing ideas, support, tips etc. Highly worth it. Click here for that.

3. Resources: I have chronicled journey number one through Whole 30… click here for that…. Included in that list of posts are recipes and websites I have found to be awesome. I will also publish my daily meals and thoughts and tips each day right here. Even though I did this once I believe I can share my experiences and things I continue to run into to help you on your journey.

4. The holidays: I am recommitting for December on purpose. I don’t love the way I feel on jan 1st in a typical year. I begin training with Coach Ryan tomorrow and this month, for me and for what my performance goals are…. counts. I need 100% focus and 100% commitment from myself. I plan on going through this holiday without one piece of peppermint bark. To some that’s horrible. To me that’s a gift to myself. I ask myself what I am willing to do to accomplish my goal.

Again…. if you are interested in joining us….. join us. If not…. then don’t. It’s truly that simple. I have to warn you if you do join us….. the reaction of the people around you is incredibly interesting. Everything from condemning you to instructing you that you aren’t a true Paleo (I am not interested in being a caveman!) to becoming extremely defensive about why THEY are not doing this.

Don’t worry about them. Like I always say… I don’t care what you eat. I care what I eat. It’s been an amazing journey thus far, I have learned so so much, and I can’t wait to learn more!