Mary Eggers


Whole30 Day one (Part II)

Welcome! I am on my second official round of Whole30 (it’s really become WHoleFOREVER but who is counting) and we have a bunch of folks along for the ride. I will be posting my food each day and sharing in the journey.

I actually began on Nov 30th. I had a light training day, just a 5 mile run. Things begin for me on Dec 1st so on a regular training day this intake would be way too low. I was not hungry at all throughout the day. The spice picture is where I forgot to take a picture of some random pieces of fruit that I had. Many will tell me this is “not enough”. But I ask you….. if you aren’t hungry why are we obsessed with “enough”. How do you know what’s “enough”? For me the answer is easy: light training day, light eating day. My trailing volume isn’t big right now so I don’t have any holes to dig myself out of. So for me, on this particular day, this was absolutely enough. I was never hungry. Trust me…. I am a recovered Bulimic of 20 years. I’ve been there… done that!

Whole 30 Day one

If you scroll through my previous posts on Whole30 you will find some great resources, and I will link them below as well.

The key to ALL of this is preparation. I admit at times it’s tiring. My motivation is the way I feel. I feel amazing. While I was calm cool and collected before, I don’t get stressed out about things…. I feel serene now. I really can’t even articulate it. I am healthier than I have ever been physically, emotionally and even spiritually. (The last two don’t have to do with Whole30 but they fit anyways).

Websites I love as resources (and there are MANY MORE!)

1. Nom Nom Paleo: She has amazing recipes including homemade mayo that’s to die for!

2. The Clothes Make The Girl: Order her cookbooks too: Well Fed I and Well Fed II

3. Whole 30: I’d advise reading their book It Starts With Food.

4. Ultrarunner girl: Ultra Marathoner who lives Paleo

5. Go Sonja Food: She’s finishing her first Whole30 journey, did IMAZ on day 12 and won the amateur race.

I will be linking these daily blogs on the Eating Cleaner Facebook page. Please share what your experiences are. The good, the bad, the everything. Together we’ve GOT this!