Mary Eggers


Whole30 day 6 (round II)

Whew. What a week! I fell off the pictures of my food bandwagon. But I haven’t fallen off the Whole30 wagon which is the important part. Not only have I been able to do this while traveling….. I am proud that I have been able to maintain it through one heck-of-a-crazy week.

While I lack the epiphany of feeling amazing for the first time that I experienced with my first round…. I still feel amazing. I lack the question of “can I do this” as it’s become….. oh yes I can.

This week, people’s reaction included several people telling me I was on a high protein low carb diet. To which I answer this: I’m not. And it’s not a diet. It’s just a nutrition suggestion system that fits me. That’s all.

In terms of carbohydrates it’s anything BUT low. As I posted yesterday here is a carbohydrate comparison: if we compare one slice of whole grain bread, which has about 11 grams of CHO (carbohydrate):

  • Sweet potatoes have about 37 grams of CHO
  • 1 cup of strawberries has about 12 grams of CHO
  • 1 medium banana has 27 grams of CHO
  • 1 cup of mango has 28 grams of CHO

It’s not low carb, it’s deriving carbs from better sources. Grains aren’t the only place you get carbohydrates.

I have been told a variety of things regarding Whole30…I have really thick skin and I have been at this long enough to let it just roll. Where I keep stumping my critics is here: I am failing to see how eating a good healthy diet of fruits, vegetables and lean proteins…… is not good for me. My weight loss has been very slow and steady…. because I am eating enough. I am not hungry…. because I am eating enough. I feel better than ever…. because I am eating enough. Eating enough means I am filling myself with all the right things.

Imagine you had a 3,000 calorie budget (I hate talking calories but it’s what people relate to). I can eat 3,000 calories worth of fruits, veggies and lean proteins…. or…… I could eat a big mac. I think you get the point.

If this doesn’t fit you I have two suggestions…… adjust it to fit you…. or don’t do it. It’s changed my life in an amazing way. I have never felt better (and I felt better before!).

Like everything in life…….. you need to do your homework, evaluate how it works in your life, and then adapt to how it fits you. Don’t make a big deal out of it… and it won’t be!

This weekend we have our Valor Triathlon kick off party (thank you Towpath)! And I plan on bringing Moroccan Meatballs.

Other awesome recipes I found this week (there is only one…. I have been on overload!!!)

I have to also say, if you haven’t ordered your copy of Well Fed 2… order it today. It’s so much better than Well Fed 1, and Well Fed 1 is awesome!

As for fueling… I have been using Osmo, Lara Bars and I did have a gel yesterday, which went fine. Nothing exciting in that department.

So…. Whole30 Round II is going well. Much more mellow than the last time. I will take it!