Mary Eggers


Whole30 Reset… Summer Edition

You know what I love? I love Whole30. I have done it a few times now. Sometimes the whole 30 days, sometimes for a week. I love it. I love the way I feel when I do it and when I am done. I love the 30 days of focus. I love that over the past 10 months I have learned how to cook. I love that I have found new ways to fuel my training.

I especially love, the controversy. When you do something like Whole30 you are criticized for being Paleo, for not being Paleo. For being on some weird anti sugar diet. For not being on one. For paying attention to food and how it relates to health. For paying attention to health. for caring about myself.

I am always so interested that so many folks are so opinionated about nutrition. I have found something that I love and I love cycling through and I love sharing…. and it’s upsetting to some. No worries, my skin is thick. I am so completley scarred from losing my health a few years ago that I am interested and passionate to the connection that food has with health. It’s that simple.

At the same time… I like my cookies too. And if I am going to have a cookie I am not going to fake it up. I am having sugar and frosting. I want it real.

One of my athletes is interested in cleaning up her nutrtiion, she’s interested in Whole30 and I know from experience that it’s hard to do alone. There is a lot to navigate. So I am going to do it with her. She lives in a totally different state (but guess WHAT she’s coming up to visit in TWO WEEKS). I care about her athletic goals and if cleaning up her diet helps her reach those goals, then I can jump in and we can do this together.

Remember this about Whole30: you take sugar, grains and dairy out of your diet for 30 days and then reintroduce them. I did it to see if I had any food sensitivities. I don’t! Bring on the gluten! But I love that I learned how to cook, I love the feeling of accomplishment. Oh heck I have outlined it above.

So if you are interested in jumping on the bandwagon….. stay tuned. We begin on June 1st (That’s Sunday folks!) I will put up an almost daily blog filled with recipes, fueling tips, etc. And how our progress is going. I will be out and about in Rochester also to see who and where the best locally grown and prepared food is!

And if you are totally uninterested in Whole30….. don’t read! Life is so easy that way isn’t it!

How to get started, remember there are no shakes, pills, meal replacements. It’s just real food.

  • Whole30 Website. read the whole program. Sign up for the newsletter. Click here.

In this program preparation is the key. Here are some great sites to help with that.

  • Great recipes on Heath Bent
  • Nom Nom Paleo is a staple of Whole 30. click here.
  • The clothes make the girl. She even has a daily food plan. Click here.
  • Ultra Runner Girl. This is one of the few endurance athlete Whole30 / Paleo blogs. Click here.

Cookbooks / recipes.

  • Well Fed 2. There is also a Well Fed 1, but I like 2 better. Click here.
  • Whole30 on Pinterest. Click here.

That should get you started.

What I have noticed is that the majority of resources out there favor a Paleo / Whole30 / Cross fit athlete. I have not found many resources about endurance athletics. I am interested to see how I can fuel my body better in training. As I have stated many times where is the health benefit line of training 12-18 hours a week and fueling that on typical sport drinks and gels and such? I ahve gotten to the point where I fuel my training on Lara Bars and pureed organic baby food. I use Osmo as well. I feel amazing when I do that. In races thus far I use Powerbar products because I know they work, and they are easy to carry. I am okay with performing on one and training on the other because my gut can handle it.

But I am interested in diving in deeper. So that’s my bigger focus of this round. Training load is higher, what do I need to do? I have some athletes with special dietary needs as well, this helps me help them.

So join us! You can jump on our FB page eating cleaner (just search it) or feel free to contact me with any questions. Let’s Whole30 and have some fun with it. And it you are a hater….. at least I shall give ya something to hate ON!