Mary Eggers


The myth of busy

It makes me laugh.

“I don’t know how you do it all Mary!”

“You’re SOOOOO busy Mary!”

The thought behind my smile is often…. how do YOU know? Because it’s true. People think I am a busy girl. But what they don’t know is what I do and don’t do on a daily basis. And what they don’t know is this: I don’t work. EVER. AT ALL.

Isn’t the advice: do something you love and you will never work a day in your life?

That’s true for me. Today. And always. I don’t work. At all.

Do you? I am always STUNNED when people tell me “Ugh. I have to work today.” Why would you have a job that makes you feel like…. THAT? I don’t believe Anyone is stuck. I don’t believe ANYONE is in a dead end. This is America. The land of opportunity. You have the ability to rise up and rise above and create the life you dream of!

That’s what I have done my whole life. I can’t remember the last day I ever really worked!

My new position is amazing. I get to be part of something amazing. Every DAY I am surrounded by amazing nurses. Amazing students. Amazing PEOPLE. I feel like I have been inducted into a FAMILY. I get to be PART of something.

As a coach I get to work with athletes! Of all kinds and abilities. Do you understand how fun that is???? Do you understand how I get to be part of THEIR journey too?

As an athlete myself I wake up, sometimes as early as 3am to hop on my bike. Yes I go to bed early silly! No…. I don’t watch television. Nothing (since LOST is over) holds my interest like real life does. I love that I get to ride my bike or run at an hour where the world is silent. I  love that I then get to go swim in a new pool with new people and new stories.

Grad school? Oh my WORD I have met some BRILLIANT people. I have examined the theory of nursing and how it relates to the kind of nurse I am and what my nursing practice is all about. And I got two A’s so far!

I get to be a mom and a wife (which are really the top of the list), and I get to do that every single day.

So when do I work?

I don’t even know what work is, or work means. I have not worked in so so so long.

I know the old saying is that life is short, but it is. I don’t know why on earth you would spend it doing something you didn’t love. EVERY DAY. ALL DAY. I didn’t grow up privileged. I have put in some long hard hours. If you tally up what people think is work for me, I put in some long days right now. I am not tired. I don’t drink as much coffee as you think I do either! I get a lot of sleep. I eat really well (and enjoy treats too!). I wake up in the morning excited for the day. EVERY day.

Why would I choose a path where that wasn’t the truth for me? The point of life is to gather experiences. Get to know as many people and their stories as I can. To make a difference in the world…. somehow…. some way. To do the things I love to do. I love to move. I have the gift of moving every single day.

When I go to bed at night I go to bed having lived a full day. To the brink.

I feel bad for those who say to me “I know you are busy Mary, but…..”… it makes me think…. who has treated THEM like they weren’t a priority. That they now have to preface even sending an email or reaching out?

“Sorry to bother you Mary…” Bother me? No one is a bother to ME…. who treated you like you WERE a bother? Goodness! Please don’t walk around apologizing for existing. Love existing!!!!

Do what you love. Last time I checked we get ONE shot at this. One. Not a do over, not a try again. This is it. So find it. Find what you love.

I get to spend every day doing such fun things. I can’t believe I actually even get PAID to do many of those things. So I ask you: what are you passionate about? Are you doing what you love to do? If not…… don’t allow there to be an excuse. Allow there to be a path to the answer being…. YES.