Mary Eggers



Who would have thought an injury would be a blessing in disguise? I certainly didn’t.

My injury has resolved itself and I am back to daily running. Taking the time to rebuild fitness and admitting I didn’t take the proper break after Ironman Mont Tremblant in 2013. Getting back to basics is exciting.. Detaching myself from the restrictions of the past has been downright refreshing.

Everything old is new again.

My goals this coming season are mine. Not a team’s, not what I should be doing to properly represent a company. Mine. 2015 is filled with what lights MY fire. What drives ME. What I want to do and achieve. It made me realize I have been living someone else’s agenda.

I love Ironman, don’t get me wrong. It’s the main part of my business. I have done 8 and I have 8 beautiful medals to show for it. But I am ready to get back to what I was born to do. RACE. Race the distances I love. I crave. Go fast and frequent. I have a coach that supports that. Who is only interested in helping me become my best. I have always believed my best performances lay before me and I have a coach who does too.

So refreshing.

And my coach doesn’t give one shit if I drink coffee.

There are some changes ahead for me. Major major changes. I have decided to dedicated 2015 to everything I love to do when it comes to racing (I already do it in the rest of my life). Don’t get me wrong…. I learned a lot during the past 5 years. A whole heck of a lot. Good things, frightening things.

What I have found recently was my spirit.

I have been in the pool a LOT. AAAAAALLLOOOOTTTTT. It’s the most yardage I have swam in a decade. I am a swimmer, let me swim. My times aren’t reflective of what I am capable of (I need a good bump in yardage to capture that, and then I can drop back down). In the pool is where I always find that connection again. When I push off the wall in streamline. My arms tight overhead, that moment when the world goes quiet and the clock on the wall is ticking but you can’t see it.

When hard means hard and you feel it rather than look at it. When you hit the wall breathless and the clock is fuzzy. Hit the time or don’t hit the time it doesn’t really matter because you felt it.

When I am out running and the colors capture me. The sound of leaves crunching beneath my feet and the air is crisp and refreshing to draw in again.

That is what reconnects me. 2015 is going to be about honoring what connects me.

Speaking of connecting…….

Kona is coming in a few weeks. Mark my words: the champion of this race will not be dictated by a scientific race plan. 100% of the time this is how it plays out. Ask the former champions. They will tell. Kona goes to the athlete who of course is prepared (and there is a lot of science behind that these days….. but race day is different). The top spot will go tot he athlete who has the mix of passion and spirit. Kona is a special place and no one has ever won who has not been able to connect with that.

The top spot in Kona will go to the athlete who sees an opportunity and takes it. Who isn’t afraid to lay it down and takes the chance of everything crumbling. Numbers on the Queen K don’t matter as much as heart does. In any other race you can get away with numbers. Not here.

Mark my words. Predictions over the next two weeks will be filled with stats and numbers and comments on how lean someone looks, how injury free another one is. The winning spot in Kona will go to the athlete who has the right blend of spirit and passion. Trust me on that.

That’s what racing is. That’s what competition is. Make it too sciencey and the magic disappears. Then you remain a robot. Racing is tactical…. even in the Ironman. (my personal picks on the female side are Lindsey Corbin and of course… Miranda!).

That is what I am craving to return to.

The remainder of 2014 and all of 2015 is built on that. Racing. 5K’s, 10K’s, swim meets, short course racing. Series racing. With one big goal that will take me multiple seasons to achieve, unless I get really lucky!

So how about YOU?