Mary Eggers


Choose mud

The sunset was a sight to behold last night as we stopped at the beach during our run. Luckily Martie captured it (thanks Martie!). We all stopped and just took it in not worried about paces or anything like that.


I recently joined the “Learn the Trails” class at Med Ved. Even though I am a seasoned runner, I never realized there was actually techniques to trail running. I run in Mendon a lot (I live so close), and figured it was time to learn, and meet some new folks.

Our guide was a HOOT. As we ran he talked us through a whole bunch of stuff that as a roadie I never really knew. When given the choice between shallow grass and mud… choose mud. When given the choice between rocks and mud…. choose mud.

Seems like the most common answer was: choose mud. In fact at one point he called out to the group “It’s time to stop avoiding the mud! Run through the mud!”. I arrived home coated in it, feeling like I was a kid again. Stay on the trail, be respectful of the environment, know how to read trail markings, and choose mud.

Got it.

I got to spend an hour running with new friends and old friends. Before class on the road and during in the mud (choose mud). I don’t think I stopped smiling the whole time. It’s a great and awesome adventure and the perfect way to learn something new.

At the same time I am learning something new I am returning to old themes, with fresh eyes and a welcome heart. I got back into the pool after 6 weeks out of it. In my ENTIRE life… pregnancy and delivery included I have NEVER been out of the water for more than 2 weeks. Never. So six? That was big. As I shared a lane with my husband the water felt good but thick. My stroke felt smooth but awkward. Never once did I panic about times, in fact I didn’t even use the damn clock. I know it comes back. I don’t worry about that kind of stuff.

The past few days I have also found myself back on my bike as the new stage of Zwift has opened. While it sounds strange the mountain section scenery reminded me a whole lot of why I love to ride. To me that meant it is safe to begin putting those miles together again.

But running remains the focus. And when spring arrives the SUP board of course.

It’s been good to return to a little more volume…. it takes the edge off for me. The small things that irritate me don’t bother me with a few hours of training under my belt each day. And I love the feeling of being exhausted when I go to bed at night. I can’t help that, it’s how I am wired. It’s my addiction and in the grand scheme of things…. it’s not the worst problem to have!

I love the feeling of being a beginner again. Of traversing new terrain. I love the thickness of the water and the soreness in my legs after climbing the Zwift mountain for 30 minutes straight. I love the heaviness of weights, the UUUGHHHHH feeling of another repetition and I love most of all…. the awareness to stop when there is a magnificent sunset.

I don’t think I will be jumping into any big trail races soon. Everyone keeps talking about 50 and 100K races and 18 milers….. after so many Ironmans I don’t have the itch to do anything long in terms of racing. Not right now. So for me this is good. Running with these people, learning new names and new stories. Stopping to take in a sunset. Learning to call out ROOT! DIVET!!! LOG!!!

And learning to always choose mud.

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