Mary Eggers


Bit by bit

This is the first week of the third block of training under the guidance of Coach Curt (my husband), and I could not be more thrilled with how things are going. For the first time in what feels like forever I have made forward progress. I love his style of coaching and his training regimen. Right now it’s been about slowly rebuilding the base, rebuilding the athlete. Keeping it fun, keeping it healthy, keeping it as data free as possible to allow me to reconnect with how I compete well.

With heart. Not numbers.

I snagged a cyclrcross bike from GBC, and it’s been incredible fun. I don’t plan on racing it anytime soon, next year if at all to be honest. I have access to hundreds of miles of rail to trail outside my doorstep and while I have loved pursuing that adventure on a mountain bike…. man a cross bike makes it even more fun. This time of the year especially…. I feel like I am training in a Norman Rockwell painting! Cycling is where so much fitness can be built, and I want to ride outside as much as possible. My new time trial bike will be here around Thanksgiving. But that’s another day’s topic!


It’s been so refreshing, exciting, invigorating to plan out my 2017 racing season. The past few years have felt stagnant, and that’s what caused me to take a step back. Curt encouraged me to embrace all the things I love in the competitive ways that nourish me (competition nourshes me, I make no apologies for that). My schedule includes everything from snowshoe racing (possibly even a trip to snowshoeing world champs!) to SUP races, ┬ábike races, triathlons (Nationals again!), and possibly some cyclocross. For me it’s important to not become singularly focused, I need variety and I need adventure.

I have my snowboard, my downhill and cross country skis ready, and I have even joined a Brigade! I don’t even really know what that means either, but I am game to find out! It’s not lost on me that I have the ability to move, and the ability to do all of this. So all of this is what I want to do. I want to feed the adventurous competitive athlete that I am, with everything that I love to do, rather than be so strictly focused as I have been in the past.

Being an athlete is a great privilege, not a right. I have been taught that since I was a young swimmer and dancer. People are born with issues that prevent them from taking things on like this, therefore my gratitude for what I get to do is so very deep.

Our son has that very same appreciation, and same attitude. Any time I start to lose that view I look to him and what he has accomplsihed on his cross country team this season. If we can, then we must. And if we can then we must use our abilities wisely and responsibly.

As I said that’s not lost on me.

As this third block of training begins I can say that I am beginning to see the gains that comes with consistent training. Bit by bit, fitness is coming. I am patient, I am consistent, and I am deeply in love with what I am doing. I am deeply in love with adventure, and with the work that leads to accomplishing what I dream of accomplishing.