Mary Eggers


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Spring break has been good to me. It’s exactly the break I have needed. I am a busy person, we all are, and I am lucky that I get to choose to be busy rather than do it out of necessity. But still, I find the time to do everything I do, becasue I love it. Pure and simple.

I am coming down to the final weeks in my Masters of Nursing Education program, my cap and gown have arrived, and I have officially been invited to graduation. Recently I learned that this degree puts me 3/4 of the way through a Family Nurse Practitioner program that I have been eyeing (another Masters degree). I love nursing education, and I love clinical practice and I firmly believe the two belong together. I know that in ten years I would regret not going for this, so I am going for this. Beyond that a Doctorate is only 2 years, so I am considering that, but first things first.

So the end of one chapter is almost here, and hopefully the beginning of another!

Last November I set a winter goal to become proficient at downhill skiing. It took me months, it took me many many trips to the mountain, it took weeks of weekly lessons, but I did it. In fact yesterday while I was skiing, an instructor stopped me on the connection between two trails. He told me that it had not gone unnoticed, the amount of skiing I have done this year. He said that he didn’t know me but he and many others have seen me come daily and ski, and ski and ski, and he wanted to let me know he’s seen how far I have come.

It’s a good thing my ski goggles are mirrored, because I would have been mortified if he had seen the tears pouring from my eyes in response. When I took this on I didn’t know there was fear hidden within me, I didn’t know what was going on when it bubbled to the surface. I didn’t know how to work through it except to just keep showing up. Most days I ski alone because I just have to do my own thing at my own pace.

His words meant so much. I have been so in love with the attitude of everyone I have met through this journey. When you ski alone you ride the lift with strangers, and you get to know many people in that 5-minute trip up. Last Wednesday I ignored the travel ban and had the chance to ski in the best conditions (I am told) that the mountain has ever had. I have never been around so many people who were so happy in my life. I felt so at home.

So I did it. I became proficient. I am still the slowest skier on the mountain, but that’s no matter to me. I have my season pass for next year and I will continue on this journey. The best part? Luc has asked to learn.

Luc isn’t the type of kid who could have been thrown on skis at 2 years old and taught. With his sensory issues, the snow was horrifying to him back then. Unless you have been through sensory issues with kids, you really don’t understand. You just don’t. He’s the kind of kid who truly must be ready.

He’s watched me work this ski thing, he’s looked at my pictures, he’s listened to my journey and he finally said, I am ready in December. That’s the best piece of all of this. Now I know who I need to teach him, I already secured him skis and I can not freaking wait.

So what’s next?

While I have never stopped training multisport training, my desire to compete in swim bike run comes and goes. For twenty years it burnt so strong. My triathlon career has been wildly successful and taken me places I still can’t believe I got to go. The places I have been, the podiums I have stood on, the people I have met, it’s been unreal. Truthfully I do believe I will swim bike run in competition again, I just don’t have the feel for it right now.

I have been searching for the next big thing. When you have done so many Ironmans, when you have been through what I have been through…. it’s hard to find the next big thing. It’s actually a good problem to have.

It came to me a few weeks ago…… what if I spent a season running? What if I ran a marathon this fall? I haven’t run a marathon unless it’s been preceded by a 2.4-mile swim and 112-mile bike, since 1996. I have thought about run focuses before, but I haven’t been able to truly step back from multisport.

For some reason, now I feel like it. Now seems like the right time. Running truly fits with my insane schedule. Sure I can make the time for 15 hour training weeks, but I have been there and done that. And while I have no intention of giving up my wheels or water…… what if I took the time to really build my run up, over a long period of time, slow and steady and … well what could I do????

So that’s the theme for this season. Answer that question. I don’t know the answer, but I am eager to find out. No longer am I attached to the outcome, but the process. The process of all of it is what I love the most. The outcomes are the bonuses.

So it’s going to be another busy ten weeks before summer comes. Time to lace up my running shoes and get started.