Mary Eggers



Thank you for your kindness and especially for allowing me to open the dialogue in my last post. If I broke my arm, it would be easier to share, and in most cases more readily accepted. But not a broken soul. I am here to promise you that there is help out there, and if you look hard enough, there are people who care. I have only struggled with this a few times in my life. I am fortunate it didn’t last long and that by reaching out, I was able to find my way out of it. I hope it’s that doable for me every time it shows up.

For many others, it isn’t that simple. I want to have a three-step process to help you, but I don’t. But know this, while I can’t fix it, you aren’t alone. There are places you can reach out to for help.

The advent of technology is bringing help closer. Our health care system is not set up for quick help. It’s a process that lasts hours if not years to get connected to the right kinds of help. There is an online resource called “Talk Space”. Click here to learn about it. I have referred a few people to it, and they report back that it was worth sending the text or the email. I can’t personally fix the system we live in, but resources like this are a great start.

Again, thank you for allowing me to share my story. This is an important dialogue that we need to continue.

The spring semester has begun, I am back to teaching and back to work in Pediatric Emergency. Surrounding myself with the best of the best in both of those arenas, has always been what has helped me through any difficult time. Working with nursing students is one of the best things I have ever been fortunate to do.

My father taught me long ago, the best way to help ourselves is to put ourselves in the service of others. For me, it’s the best medicine. It truly draws you out of yourself. I learn so much from every person I get to have contact with each day.

Training is going well. As I said last week it’s amazing to be back in the swing of things under the guidance of two amazing coaches. Having this to work towards again has truly allowed me to dream again. I have to stop myself from drifting towards dreaming about next season, as this one hasn’t begun yet.

Every day I feel a bit stronger. Every day I feel like more progress has been made. If not physically on a given day, then mentally, hands down. Progress is made. I am curious about what will happen this season and my approach towards all of this is the healthiest it’s ever been.

I have gone through times when I cooked myself, and as you know that resulted in some very serious health issues. Not this time. I am into living these days and making every day memorable in one way or another whether it’s life, sport, work.

Treat every day as if it were a gift and it will feel that way. Even the rough days. If spilling coffee all over our student’s homework is the worst thing that happens today, we are having a good day. Lean on the people in your inner circle and even those in your outer ones. Give as much as you can to the world becasue it will give back to you tenfold. But don’t do it for what you get back. Do it because you know as well as I do, giving of yourself, giving of your time, giving your love (whether it’s friendship or more) is the greatest gift you can give anyone.

And we are here to lift one another up.

At the end of the day it is a beautiful thing to know that you took the time to shine a light into someone else’s heart. However small that light is. And you don’t do it because you want something back. You don’t do it becasue you want recognition. You do it because seeing them smile, seeing them stand taller, seeing them take their own step forward…. that is life’s true gift. I promise you that.

So thank you for shining your light into my heart. Thank you for giving me the space to share my story and to show you that we are not alone in all of this. That we do this together. That no one has it all together, where the hell is the fun in that anyways?

This week I challenge you to shine some light onto someone else. Tell me how it makes you feel to see that person smile a little brighter.