Mary Eggers


Fire Within

Ironman Lake Placid is going back to the original bike course. Cue the celebration on my end. I love this bike course any way that it’s designed. I especially love the original one. Debates are aplenty on which version has the most elevation., which one is easier, etc etc.

I don’t give one sh*t about elevation. This is Lake Placid. This course requires skill and it rewards patience. It will test you eight ways from Sunday not in the difficulty of one climb, but in how they are strung together, which way the wind is blowing, and how hot it gets here. Placid has a way of sneaking up on you with a cool morning, and a hot afternoon. Worry too much about what the clock says about your bike split and you are walking the marathon.

If you are running at mile 22 then you were prepared, and you were patient.

Stop worrying about trying to match elevation with shorter races. Start focusing on executing your training and developing your durability.

Ironman isn’t a math test. Ironman isn’t built on metrics, it’s built on heart and soul. It’s built on what you do when it gets tough. It is not built on what coach gave you which plan, but on whether you not only executed the plan but mastered the recovery.

You go in with plan A,B and C and you end up executing plan F. Because there is no way to truly know what will happen out there. You just prepare and you prepare to be ready for anything. You prepare your body to be resilient and you prepare your mind to be patient.

You will be tested on this course in ways you won’t expect but in ways you’ve trained every single day to be.

I promise you that.

That’s what I love about this whole thing. Call me obsessive and I will counter you with the word passionate. It’s not the finish line I crave, that’s just 30 seconds long. It’s the process that lights my fire. Give me an obstacle and I will find a solution. I don’t stew. I move beyond.

I thrive on rolling with punches.

As I roll towards Texas 70.3 I have had a few punches. My travel partner had to pull out, within 10 minutes I am set. I have athletes racing, and friends who live there who have my back.. An acquaintance LOST MY BIKE CASE (I know, do NOT get me started). Luckily for me, I have two and I finally learned my lesson about giving myself and my trust away. Moving on.

What happens on the course prepares us for our lives. What happens in our lives prepares us for the race course. Be stronger than the doubt that too easily holds you back. Think of doubt as a string that once pulled unravels the whole damn sweater. How? STOP BUYING INTO THE BULLSHIT STORY THAT DOUBT TRIES TO LEAD YOU TO BELIEVE. Rise up against it. Stand up for who you are, what you believe in, and what you dream about. Let no one be the author of your story except for you. Let nothing happen to you. Let yourself be strong enough to rise above it all.

I am so ready to hear the starting gun of that race. My plan for this race is to get lost in the process. I don’t give a damn what the finish time is. I will aim for under 6 hours. I have gone under 5 before, but that was the past and this is the now. I have never been the athlete who attaches her self-esteem to podium placings or finish times (thank you mom and dad for that).

I am the athlete who competes with a fire in her heart and a drive in her soul.

So don’t worry about the elevation of the Ironman Lake Placid bike course. Get your miles in as well as your recovery. The cumulative training you do for this race will get you to the finish. There is nothing you can do in training to 100% mimic how mile 22 of that marathon will feel. If you are my athlete you will be ready for it. If there is one place I know, I know Lake Placid. If there is one course I breathe, it’s this one (here is a good place to plug our camp. Click here).

The elevation is going to be what it is. It’s Placid. The one secret about this race…. is that the beauty around you and the fire within you are no match for the hills before you.