Mary Eggers



Not too long ago I could exhale again. It’s been a rough few months. But we are on the other side and we can’t be more grateful to those who helped us and guided us through. It’s truly during the rough times in life that you realize who your tribe is. I have certainly allowed a lot of people to lean on me through difficult events in their life, I am not used to be the one leaning. But I did. I learned that in some corners there was nothing to lean against, while in other corners, there was an abundance of love to catch us.

Here on the other side we are doing good and we are on the upswing. There are a lot of good things happening so it’s just in time!

I did decide to postpone my DNP, and maybe even scrap it altogether. I decided that it’s time to start writing again and I have a few books on the docket. It’s been fun to put my thoughts to paper, about a whole bunch of different topics. From special education to eating disorders, fitness, and nursing education the pen has been flowing. Yes, the actual PEN. And pencil, keyboard, iPad, the works. I am writing everywhere and anywhere about anything and everything.

Training, it’s always there. I am not the type of person who stops training when the going gets rough. For me it’s where I figure things out. If you can’t figure things out in a 4K swim or a 10 mile run, you can’t figure things out.

I am back to working with Josh for strength (you should come to Muscles for Mileage on Monday nights, it’s the best), and things are clicking along in the other disciplines. One thing I have discovered, I truly have no desire to go long right now. I had planned on a season ending 70.3, but I don’t feel like being on my bike for more than an hour. I just don’t.

Curt has been swimming with me three times a week since January. Twenty years ago when we first started dating we swam together on UB Masters team. We were original members! After we moved in together he confessed that he hated swimming in the morning! SHA!!!!!!

But since Jan, he’s been logging some really great sets with me and it’s been amazing.

Training has been fine! I am hitting sprints this season and some 1/2 marathons with Luc. I love where I am at with sport right now. The desire to go long isn’t there and I am so happy about that. I am not attached to a specific time goals, I am just committed to improvement and seeing where it takes me this season.

The journey has always been important to me and it’s never been more important than now.

With the unveiling of spring, I feel like I am being unveiled in a way. I can breathe deeply again. We are through some tough shit, and we are rolling forward.

I am more grateful than ever. Thank you for holding my hands, both of them. For listening to us, and for helping us. Thankful doesn’t even begin to describe it.