Mary Eggers



As I was glued to the Ironman Texas feed this weekend, I had a realization.

First let me congratulate my buddy Jennie on her amazing 7th place among pro women, and to her husband Dave for his Kona qualification!!!!!

The coverage was amazing. Not only has Ironman boomed, but the coverage has finally caught up with it as well. The Facebook live streaming and commentating is just awesome. Throughout the day I was texting with friends who were also watching, and I realized what a gift these 20+ years of triathlon has been. It’s brought people into my life I would have never met. My gosh I have been so fortunate to have found these people who have become my literal and figurative family.

While I don’t have the urge to spend 12 hours a week on my bike, or really more than an hour at a time right now, it doesn’t mean I don’t still love the thrill of following friends on race day. Whatever the race, whatever the distance. I am refreshing and trackers and calculating splits like it’s my job.

At the end of the day it’s just a sport, but sport is what connects so many of us.

It’s not about results. People care about you, never about your result (and I hope that you treat yourself with that same care). It’s not about how many Ironman races you have done, or if you never do one. It’s about this journey we are on that I call self discovery, and just plain adventure.

Through the past 20 years I have ridden my bike through Germany, I have been to Hawaii 3 times (might be 4 coming up), I have trained in the Carolinas, Florida, Hawaii, Arizona. I have been all over the world. I have coerced my friends into jumping off cliffs at the End of the World, losing footage of Charlie and his epic jump even. He will NEVER let me live that down.Or that day we were surfing, and the teacher had never seen people last so long or surf so well (ahem). And how many times have we ridden up the descent in Placid?

Only we would we even SAY it like that.

As you know this space is where I met and built my family. But that’s an old story.

As a coach, many of my athletes and I have become close friends. Athletes change coaches, that’s really natural (and some athletes don’t become friends, that’s natural too). Some, you develop deep bonds with. It’s those relationships that I hold tight.

In whatever way you are part of this, I hope you have found the same in your life. The connections with all of you throughout over two decades leaves me looking back and knowing that of all places I could have been in my life, I was damn lucky to land here. A few years ago I tried to walk away and when I came back, man was I welcomed.

As we are finally moving into spring, the excitement of adventure planning is upon us. We have some really fun things coming up this summer, some cool trips and some cool races. Thank you for letting me share them with you.