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Syracuse 70.3

Sunday was Syracuse 70.3. I was there to coach two of my QT2 Systems Athletes: Jennie Hansen and Katie Myszka. I am so proud of both of these girls for so many different reasons. For how far they have come. For where they are headed. For getting to be part of their journey altogether.

This is Jennie finishing 4th, just 20 seconds out of 3rd. With her second place finish at Ironman Texas 4 weeks ago, I am pretty proud of her for this finish. I could strap a block of cement to her leg and she would bust right through it. Toughest runner I have ever met.

Thank you Karen Fuller for this photo!

Thank you Karen Fuller for this photo!

This is Katie and her brother after the race. A horrific bike crash ended Katie’s season early last year (she is from Rochester but now lives in California) and I am so proud of how far she’s come (remember this name!) Here is Katie and her brother.

katie and her brother

I seriously adore these girls. I seriously adore all of my athletes. I currently work with 8. I get to work with them on such a personal level, I get to be part of their lives, and it’s such an honor. I hope that the time we spend together as coach and athlete is time that positively impacts their life in the long run. I believe in all of them so… so much. I am so proud of what they accomplish. Their finish lines have become so much more important than my own.

At the same time they want my finish lines to be critical to me again. Trust me….. that is coming.

I got to catch up with so many people yesterday. I had a great conversation with my friends Doug MacLean and Logan Franks…. about training mojo and being happy healthy athletes. Some people can sit around and talk about football. I love when I get to sit around with people like this and talk triathlon. The kind of triathlon where we get deep, get into it. What has burnt us out, what’s motivated us. I love that more than I can explain.

Here is Luc with Logan and with Doug (yes… Luc is that tall!)

luc and the guys

The day was just full of amazing. Amazing performances. Amazing conversation. Amazing reconnection. It was one of those days I stood back, looked around and thought…. I can’t believe I get to do this. I get to be an athlete, I get to be a coach and I get to announce races. Things I have worked incredibly hard at and for. That I never ever take for granted. I am so so so so grateful for every person I get to meet and shake hands with. I mean that with everything I am.

To everyone who raced this weekend in Syracuse and beyond….. thank you. If you are one of my athletes I thank you for trusting me to help guide you. That is a gift I will never ever take for granted!

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  1. Adrienne

    Funny you say how you love to sit around and talk triathlon. After an amazing day I got home and went to a friends for dinner. At one point they literally asked me to stop talking about my day. It made me so sad. It was all I wanted to talk about!!My husband, nor my friends have the crazy that I have in me to be part of such an amazing community!

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