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Lake Placid or BUST!

Today we head to Lake Placid. I will be coaching at the second annual QT2 Systems Training camp. I have been coming up to Placid 2-3 times a year since my first Ironman in 2002. The town has changed, gotten a lot more crowded with athletes, but it’s still the same.

It’s beautiful.


There is just something magical about it. The water, the mountains…. the feeling up there. It’s all about wellness. Through my years coming to Placid I have been through a lot. It’s been a place of healing for me in many ways.

I love to come up and coach at our camps. It gives me the opportunity to meet our athletes and get to know them. We are spread all over the country and these people are like family to me (both my colleagues and our athletes). I feel like it’s coming home.

This particular camp I get the chance to get the training I need to get done in, my schedule will vary from the campers a bit so it works out great. At this rate I will be back in for the Musselman 1/2 Ironman and not the Mini. As long as this block of training remains uninterrupted I am set, and that makes me real excited. I am feeling good and feeling strong and things…. are coming together.

It’s been a long road and trust me, there is longer to go. But that’s for 2014 chatter.

I am bringing my amazing massage therapist with me to Placid. Her name is Kara C. and she works in the spa at Midtown Athletic Club. She’s coming to join Courtney W. in massaging our athletes as they go through the weekend. It will be Kara’s first time in Placid….. and if you’ve been there you know how special that will be.

Mandatory stop for Kara tomorrow: ski jumps. Because there is no view like the view from the top.  This is not that view, but you get the idea.


Training camps are a perfect way to get in some solid training, away from your normal every day life, in a beautiful location with people who share the same passion that you do. It’s a weekend to train, learn and make connections.

And I will report!

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