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4/19: Curt and I are currently full for the season. 

If you are inquiring for 2019-2020 (beginning in fall 19) we will each have a few openings. To reach either of us please email 

Please see rates below. 

I will be adding Curt’s coaching bio here soon as well, it is linked below. 

I have been a competitive athlete all of my life, and a multisport coach since 2004. I keep the below versions of my bio because they are so fun to go back and read. As you can see, this sport has literally taken me all over the world and connected me with people that have completed my life.

This sport is where I met my husband Curt, who joined me in this coaching venture in 2015. With over 30 years of experience in this sport, multiple national championship titles, Ironman finishes that defy his age, he’s THE best addition I have ever made to our Valor Triathlon Project Team. He’s also my coach check him out here.

I am still coaching because I absolutely love to work with athletes and watch them achieve their dreams. I work with amateur athletes of all abilities, and I will have a few spots open in fall 2018.

My passion for learning has moved beyond multisport into the world of Stand up Paddleboarding, Speedskating, Alpine skiing, Cross-country skiing, and mountain biking. The thrill of competition has been replaced with the thrill of learning new skills, and it’s amazing.

Hit me up if you are interested in hearing more, and read on below for more information or contact me at:

mary “dot” eggers “at” gmail “Dot” com


  • Our approach is athlete driven. It’s based on your lifestyle, your abilities, your passions. We don’t have a one sized fits all protocol.
  • We utilize heart rate as a main metric while using power and pace as secondary metrics. Over the 12 years of coaching it’s an approach I love and see success with, and we are sticking to it. If you are really data centric, we are not the coaches for you. Our approach is to apply an appropriate training load that fits you, and monitor progress over time. Most athletes base their progress on testing. We use testing for entirely different reasons. Progress over time is our true markers of success.

Here is my (Mary’s) bio!

My name is Mary Eggers and I have been a lifelong athlete. A collegiate swimmer… specializing in the 500 yard free, 1000 yard free, and mile…. I began my multisport career in 1995 (in my early 20’s). Throughout the years I have been fortunate to find both success and failure, both of which have helped my growth as an athlete, coach and person.

In 2000 and 2001 I was able to race in the Elite / Professional field in the Subaru Triathlon Series after the birth of our son in 2000. I am an 8 time Ironman finisher…. 3 X Kona Qualifier (I never competed in Kona, too much money, but I have been able to go and coach there). I have won races and I have DNF’d. I have been through illness, injury and triumph. I met my husband in this sport and our son was born into it. It’s truly a lifestyle for us and we are passionate about sharing that.

In 2004 I began coaching because I love to share and guide athletes of all abilities. Since then I have been able to work with beginners to professionals covering all distances from sprint to Ironman. I have guided 200+ athletes across Ironman finish lines. I have coached athletes of all levels and abilities and these days your finish lines bring me much more joy than mine ever did!

In 2015 my husband Curt left behind a life in corporate America to join in this venture. He has 20+ years of triathlon under his belt, is a 5 time National Champion, four time Ironman finisher (including Kona) and a perennial All American. He is pursuing his USAT Triathlon Certification and beginning his coaching career with us!

Now… we coach together. Meaning, you have two coaches overseeing your program. Currently we are completely redesigning how we deliver our coaching, since we are a team now, and we utilize a team approach to working with our athletes.


  • I coach with all of the great coaches at the Valor Triathlon Project.
  • $160 per month. I will invoice you on the first of the month. Payment via PayPal, check, etc, is accepted.
  • I utilize Final Surge to deliver training (included).
  • I develop an individualized plan to fit you, your abilities, your life and your goals. I do not do canned training programs.
  • I like a lot of communication. Anyone can hit numbers, I want to know how you FEEL.
  • If I can’t help you with mechanics, I have people around the country that can help us.
  • I like to work collaboratively. What has worked for you in the past? What hasn’t? Have an idea for a workout? Let’s DO IT! How are we feeling for an upcoming race? How did things go afterwards?
  • These are the nitty gritty details, shoot me and email to see if we are a fit. If we aren’t a good fit, I can find someone who is!
  • You will also become part of the Valor Triathlon Project Community!


I keep the below as it’s changed over the years and fun to look back!

Throughout her career, Mary’s stable of athletes has included beginner to professional athletes from all over the country. Mary coached professional triathlete Jennie Hansen, to her first Ironman win in Lake Placid in 2013. Mary also coached Jennie to a top 20 finish in the women’s pro field in Kona in 2013. In 2014 she coached Ericka Hachmeister to a sprint national champion title at USAT age group nationals.   She has guided over 200 athletes to Ironman finishes and holds a 100% finisher’s rate. Her warm supportive coaching style, accessibility and credibility as a person and as a coach make her the ideal coach for those seeking long term improvement and development.

Mary holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing and spent ten years in Pediatric emergency medicine, now currently helping to run the clinical skills lab in a nursing program at a local college. She is pursuing her Masters of Nursing Education currently and then begins her Doctorate of Nursing Practice.  Mary is a former  Power Vinyasa yoga teacher  and has developed Yoga For Athletes programs for professional soccer teams and many athletic teams. She retired from teaching yoga and spinning in June of 2014.

Mary is also the race announcer for the Score This multisport series in Western New York, and writes for X Tri, Fitness Edge Media Magazine and Student Health 101.

Married to one of Western New York’s top male triathletes Curt Eggers, this dynamic duo is not only active in the multisport community, The Eggers’ are often found at races competing as a family…. as their son is also a young budding triathlete!


Intro to Yoga for Athletes

Yoga For Athletes Class 1


    • Registered Nurse
  • USAT Triathlon Coach
    • ACSM Personal Trainer
  • Certified in: Indoor cycling, TRX, Yoga, Group fitness.