Mary Eggers


Welcoming Curt Eggers to Valor Triathlon Project!

In 2004 I began my coaching career in a company I founded, which I named Train-This. I had no idea where it would go, it was a career born out of passion for a sport that has given the world to me, gave me a family, and opportunities that I could have never expected. I didn’t have a plan for the future, I just rode the wave.

I ended up selling a few years later to join a bigger company, and for two years I got to coach with some pretty amazing people. Tugging at me however was the desire to find my own path. The structure was great, protocols were proven and trusted. My intincts were just…. mine. I had to honor them.

In Sept 2013 I left and started from scratch again, this time with Jennie and Tina. This past summer we brought on Heidi, and we’ve been an incredible team. I love what we have done. I love the athletes we have been able to connect with. I love the feel of the Valor Triathlon Project. We don’t promote just one person, we promote a team, a community.

We are adding someone else to the team, and this person I can’t help be so so so over-the-moon excited to bring on. I have dreamt of being able to bring him on.

Today we welcome my amazing husband Curt Eggers to Valor Triathlon Project. He’s leaving behind 30 years in corporate America to take over the behind the scenes workings here at VTP. When you own your own company you can give anyone any title. So he will be our “Chief Operations Officer!” putting the COO in COOL (get it? HA!) He will be taking on his own stable of athletes late this summer as a coach as well, but first he will get things squared away in the behind the scenes world.

Curt not only runs the video analysis for our swim camps, he’s provided me with valuable guidance over the 20 years I have been so fortunate to know him (and the 17 we have been together!).

He’s been in this sport over 25 years, is a 5 time National Triathlon Champion, four time Ironman finisher with not only Kona under his belt, but many spots he’s turned down. At age 54 the man did a sub ten hour ironman, without once piece of GPS to guide him.

His knowledge and experience have kept him at the top of his game well past what should have been his prime. He’s given countless clinics on various topics, sharing what he has learned in this sport. I have always felt he would be an asset to our team, and I have begged him for years to coach. Anyone who knows him knows his demeanor, ability to see the big picture and the uncanny talent for guiding makes him such a natural fit with us.

I am so so excited. The operations side of things isn’t something I enjoy, and I am not that great at it. I just want to coach. With Curt coming on board to support the team, that’s exactly what I will be able to do. He’s exactly what we have needed to glue this whole thing together.

I have been able to share my life and my sport with my best friend and soul mate for all of these years, and now I am really excited that he’s going to share his experience with you!

We have some really great plans for Valor Triathlon Project, so stay tuned. Jennie, Tina, Heidi, CURT and I can’t wait to get this show rolling! Our new Valor Triathlon Project website will be done in just a few weeks, you’ll be able to hear more about all of the VTP happenings!



I am so grateful. While I feel like a tool writing that… because I write it all the time…. today I just lack the words to really articulate the amount of gratitude I am feeling today.

I have worked hard and carefully to surround my family and I with the best possible people. People who are better than I. People I can learn from, who can teach me about life and how to be the best human being I can be. People I love to support.

This week that circled back to my family and I in a way that has left me in a puddle of gratitude. My belief is stronger than ever right now. My faith has new duct tape reinforcing it. It’s hard when you have to take the hands held out to you but when you do slide your hand into theirs it’s a bond and a hold that feels forever right.

Surround yourself with good people and when the time comes that you need help…. don’t be afraid to take that help.

From my triathlon team, to my athletes, to my colleagues, to the people we have been so lucky to intertwine our lives with…. the net became wide and the fibers grew strong. Team Eggers has some big changes ahead of us, which I will detail later on in the week. It’s going to be a leap of faith but one we believe in to our very very core. Part of it feels as if we are jumping off a cliff without knowing whether the safety net is there, but trusting that it is.

One of my favorite sayings:

“Faith is believing that one of two things will happen, you will land on something solid or you will learn how to fly.”

I am grateful that Curt, Luc and I get to take this leap together. THANK YOU to everyone who has been so good to us.

This week I am on a much anticipated spring break. I haven’t had one in 25 years. Thank you life of academia! With me being the only one here at Team Eggers with spring break…. you know there is fun to be had. Cleaning (I know, so wild), training (what else is new) and preparing for a new face here at Valor Triathlon Project.


We are getting a head of operations and new coach on March 23rd. We need it. We are growing faster than I am good at keeping up with. So one week from tomorrow we will have a full time employee handling the day to day operations and transitioning into the coaching side of things.

If you are still looking for a coach this season…. send me an email at maryeggers “at” gmail “dot” com and I will get you connected with our new face. They will begin accepting athletes on April 1st.

Trust me, this is going to be good. Stay tuned. We will announce it later on this week!